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Housing decoration budget is a step that cannot be ignored in home decoration. Do a good job in housing decoration budget, and don't blindly consume when purchasing decoration materials. A perfect and reasonable decoration budget table can help you strictly control your decoration costs and ensure that the final decoration cost is not overspent. In this paper, we need to pay attention to several points in the decoration budget:

1, material description and acceptance standards. Some contain special process descriptions. Please pay attention to whether special processes are charged additionally? An additional item should be added to the budget table: the total final settlement price should not exceed 5% of the total budget price, and the excess part should be borne by the decoration company. This range can be considered according to the owner's economic ability and the amount of decoration plan. This is very critical. If the final settlement price doubles, the budget table will lose its meaning. Moreover, it should be noted that the decoration company is responsible for over calculation, wrong calculation and omission. If it exceeds the standard, the decoration company should be fully responsible

2. Shoe cabinet, we should pay attention to what materials are used to make the shoe cabinet, and how many are used? Such information must be clear and detailed, so that we can understand how much materials are needed and control the cost. In addition, it is best to calculate the total price of all woodwork, such as how much the final finished product of the shoe cabinet costs (including frame, finish, paint, hardware, guide rail accessories, etc.). If the price is similar to the market price, it is better to purchase directly or customize by the manufacturer. Special reminder: if the utilization rate of cabinets is high, it is strongly recommended to find a professional cabinet manufacturer to make it, which will ensure both products and after-sales service. Paint part, all converted into barrels or liters, because paint is purchased by barrels or liters; Wires should be converted into rolls or meters; The cement sand in the auxiliary materials shall be converted into bags

3. The water pipe manufacturer will do it. The price is cheap, and the product quality and construction quality are guaranteed. The best PPR water pipes are 6-point hot water pipes, one kitchen and one bathroom. The manufacturer will do the work, and the materials will not exceed 1K; One kitchen and two bathrooms shall not exceed 2K. In the circuit reconstruction project, the information of materials used should be listed in detail. The more detailed, the more problems can be found, and the more difficult it is for the decoration company to do tricks. Hydropower project is a concealed project in home decoration, and decoration companies generally focus on it, so it needs special attention. In addition, don't forget to ask the decoration company to provide a VCD for water and electricity installation for later maintenance or replacement

4. In other projects, some things are installed by the manufacturer free of charge, but the labor cost will be included in the quotation. Each item should be asked in detail. Pay attention to the cost of materials transportation upstairs. Is the owner's self purchased materials included in the cost? The transportation of building materials upstairs, especially in the absence of an elevator, is a very physical and troublesome thing. It is recommended that you negotiate this work with the decoration company. Even if the garbage should be removed to the designated location in the community, there should be a standard for indoor price protection. If the cleaning effect is not in place, you can refuse to pay the cleaning fee. In addition, some budget tables may also include third-party supervision fees, air monitoring, environmental protection monitoring and other expenses. It is suggested to cut these items, because the decoration company must provide qualified materials. If you want to really monitor, you'd better go to a professional third-party organization to do it yourself. If there is an unpredictable management fee in the budget table, it is unreasonable and must be removed. If you invite a decoration company to decorate the house during the decoration process, you must deal with the housing decoration budget




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