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The "Guiyang construction waste management regulations" has been implemented since April 1, and the decoration waste generated by the decoration of houses, as a kind of construction waste, has also been included in the management regulations

the person in charge of the construction waste management office of Guiyang urban management bureau said that the "Guiyang construction waste management regulations" implemented this month defined the scope of construction waste, and the waste generated by home decoration also belongs to a kind of construction waste. These garbage must be transported to the designated construction waste disposal site. If not handled properly, it will cause harm to the soil, water and other natural ecological environment. At the same time, in the process of clearing and transportation, due to the overload of transportation vehicles and the lax cover, the problems such as scattering along the street and random dumping have caused serious pollution to the urban environment. On the other hand, a large amount of construction waste is mixed into domestic waste, which seriously affects the service life of domestic waste disposal sites. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the management of construction waste

according to the regulations, the decoration waste generated by residents' decoration of houses, which has been subject to property management in this area, should be temporarily stacked at the place designated by the property management enterprise, and measures should be taken to enclose and cover it, and it should be cleared and transported in time within 2 days; Those without property management shall be temporarily stacked at the place designated by the community, and measures shall be taken to enclose and cover them, and they shall be cleared and transported in time within 2 days. The decoration garbage can be cleared and transported with compensation by entrusting the community and property management. However, the property management company cannot dispose of the decoration waste without authorization. It should report to the Municipal Urban Management Bureau for approval and transport it to the construction waste disposal site designated by the Urban Management Bureau for disposal. It is illegal for residents to rent cars at will to clear and transport decoration garbage, or to mix decoration garbage with domestic garbage, and they will be punished once found. If units or individuals are found to have illegal disposal of construction waste, they can call the hotline. Shang Changbin





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