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Over the years, the decoration method has become increasingly advanced, which has also brought a different decorative effect to the residence. Tatami is a very popular one at present. Tatami has been welcomed and selected by the majority of consumers because of its practical and convenient advantages. It is the first choice for urbanites to pursue leisure and nature. Now let's take a look at the advantages, disadvantages and precautions of tatami home decoration

tatami home decoration is good


1. Anyone who has seen this kind of finished product knows that it is a high platform, which is 5-6 cm away from the ground, so it has the function of keeping cool and damp in summer, as well as the function of moisture absorption, heat conduction and maintaining constant temperature. In addition, the exquisite design makes the room more beautiful

2. We can also say that it is omnipotent. Why? Because it is a place for us to play chess and taste tea during the day. When guests visit, it can also be used as a bed in the guest room or a leisure place for children to play. The most important thing is that it has a strong storage space, which can help owners effectively tidy up their rooms and combine practicality with beauty

3. It is an environment-friendly and healthy product, which is beneficial to any group of people. Its appearance is flat and smooth, the mat is flexible, breathable, and it is very comfortable to walk barefoot. It has a wonderful effect on the growth and development of children and the maintenance of the waist and spine of the middle-aged and elderly


generally speaking, there are many advantages, but don't ignore the disadvantages, such as the poor ventilation in its couch. If there are items stored in it, you need to turn it over frequently. In addition, the mat of rush also needs to be often scrubbed and taken care of, and regular ventilation can prevent mildew. Secondly, there are two ways to make tatami. One is professional customization, which has good quality and beautiful workmanship, but the price is high; The other is woodworking. The level of woodworking is limited, and the overall effect is not as good as professional customization, but the price is relatively cheaper

tatami decoration precautions

1. Choose an appropriate location

in the residence, many places can be installed, most commonly in the hall or lounge, because it only needs a few square meters. It is recommended that you do not lay the whole space into tatami. After all, the living habits of Chinese and Japanese are very different. If the whole room is paved with tatami, the cleaning and moisture-proof work during the plum rain season is very cumbersome

2. Storage function

it is the first choice for small-sized houses, because it has a strong storage capacity, so the load-bearing capacity of plates should be considered when planning. Generally, the solid wood panel is strong and durable. If your home is equipped with floor heating, it is not suitable to use it as a storage space under the tatami. Heating the items will damage the items

3. Cleaning and maintenance

finally, let's talk about maintenance, mainly about the mat. If it is woven by stone grass, it's best to dry it once every 6 months, which can effectively prevent mildew, deterioration and borers; If it's made of artificial fabric, you should also keep more ventilation

summary: the above is the advantages and disadvantages of tatami home decoration that Xiaobian brought to you today. I believe friends have a certain understanding. You can refer to the tatami home decoration and decoration precautions. I hope this article is helpful to you





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