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[] due to the nonstandard home decoration market and the lack of professional knowledge of decoration by consumers, in the process of home decoration, constructors falsely report, overstate, and shoddy materials. Even if consumers purchase materials by themselves, the construction party will also collect rebates through introduction, or open a large list, use less and buy more, etc., the above-mentioned frauds should arouse consumers' vigilance

Ms. Zeng's new home needs to be renovated. In order to make it convenient, she asked the renovated Mason to order the floor tiles for her. The Mason took back the floor tiles for 55 yuan each. But under the reminder of her friend, Ms. Zeng went to the wholesale market of building materials and found that the tiles of the same brand, quality, specification and size are 27 yuan each, and the price difference is nearly double

Mr. Wang's experience is also similar to that of Ms. Zeng. When installing a 148 square meter new house, the hydropower workers gave out ten bundles of adhesive tape. As a result, only one bundle was used, and only 1/3 of the broadband cable was used, including the elbow of the water tank, the direct connection of the water tank and the three connections. Mr. Wang asked the water electrician why there was so much waste in cutting materials, and their explanation was to open more to save enough to buy temporarily

experts' suggestions: first, run the building materials market by yourself, and have an understanding of the building materials of various brands, so as to ensure that what you buy is genuine and the price will not be cheated; Second, during the supervision process, we should keep a close watch every day, so as to ensure that we will not be cheated to the greatest extent, but the problem now is that consumers do not have so much time and energy. If you choose a company to decorate, you should go to the industrial and commercial online to check whether the decoration company has been registered according to law; Has the Construction Commission issued relevant decoration qualification certificates

◆ how to choose a formal reputable and quality guaranteed home decoration company

needless to say about the business license and qualification certificate. In addition, take a look at the registered capital of the company. If the registered capital is relatively strong, the reputation will be relatively high, and it also depends on whether the company has been established for a long time; In addition, it depends on whether the annual inspection of industrial and commercial information has passed, whether there is any bad record on the Internet of industrial and commercial information, and whether the company has ever deliberately defaulted so that it has been applied for execution by creditors

when signing the contract, we should first care about the construction period, the second is the project quality, the third is the warranty, the fourth is how to control the engineering fraud, and what kind of liability for breach of contract the other party will bear if there is a quality problem, the construction period is postponed or the price is fraudulent

◆ what kind of trap are you most likely to encounter in the process of home decoration

adding and dropping items is the biggest problem of complaints. When many customers sign a contract, the quotation is 50000, but it keeps increasing later, and it may reach 80000 or 100000 at the end of the contract. Therefore, when adding items, make notes in the contract, and do not privately collude with the foreman. This company is not responsible

Ms. Yang said that she bought a second-hand house and chose a branded home decoration company to ensure the quality during the decoration. She was very experienced in the decoration of old houses. After starting the construction, she found that the quotation in the set meal had become furnishings, for example, the item of ceramic tiles did not include paving fees, etc. Ms. Yang always thought that the set meal price included all the contents, and she did not know that it also included greasy, Is such a greasy quotation a common phenomenon in the industry




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