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decoration loan has attracted the attention of many people. If you want to apply for decoration loans, you can choose from the following three channels

apply for personal credit loans to decorate

unsecured loans, do not need any collateral, only need identity certificates, income certificates, address certificates and other materials (the specific supporting materials depend on the bank). For loans applied to the bank, the bank issues loans according to the personal credit situation, and the interest rate is generally slightly higher than the mortgage loan. Customers can choose the loan term according to their personal specific conditions, Then sign a contract with the bank. Unsecured loans can be used for decoration, purchase of household appliances, wedding celebrations, tourism honeymoon and so on

decoration loan of personal consumption loan

many banks carry out this business, and consumers can compare and choose. However, the specific loan limit of each bank depends on the house price, age and area of the mortgaged property, and the requirements are also different. Consumers need to fully understand and prepare before applying. If an individual has one or more houses, he can try to apply. Not only can he get more loans, but also the term is longer

credit card home decoration installment

credit card decoration loan business is a decoration loan based on the cooperation between banks and decoration companies in the form of installment payment. This business does not need mortgage or guarantee, is simple to operate, and does not occupy the credit card limit. Adopting the installment form of credit card can indeed reduce the pressure on decorators to pay the decoration money at one time after buying a house. At present, many new home buyers are also willing to adopt this method. However, as a profit-making organization, the decoration company cooperates with the bank, and its interest and handling charges will inevitably be passed on to consumers. Compared with choosing the decoration company alone, the decoration cost will certainly increase





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