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On the afternoon of December 30, 2018, with the joy of successful graduation, the excitement of skill multiplication, and the reluctance to part from the occasion of parting, the first special training camp for space customization designers of Shangpin natural color was successfully concluded

with the development of the times, people's requirements for the home environment are also constantly improving. In the overall design process, the decoration designer needs to comprehensively consider the four core parts of dealing with the overall materials, overall products, overall construction and overall services, so as to comprehensively control the effect of customers' home decoration, so as to achieve the harmony and unity of the sense of design, space and function

as an "artistic wooden door born for space", Shangpin natural color wooden door takes the door as the core and is committed to creating a theme design space full of artistic taste. In order to provide better service and experience to consumers, while paying attention to product quality and design art, Shangpin natural color wooden door also attaches great importance to the training of terminal store designers. Only by truly understanding the product design concept, product production process, space design and construction details, can the designers of terminal stores provide consumers with more detailed and thoughtful services, better design schemes and more comfortable home experience

in 2018, Shangpin Bense wooden door promoted and popularized kujiale software in exclusive stores across the country, and held various online and offline training meetings for many times, providing more perfect sales assistance for terminal stores. In November, Shangpin natural color wooden door held a space customization design competition, which was actively participated by designers of exclusive stores across the country, and exquisite design schemes came in succession, which were brilliant

in December, Shangpin natural color wooden door held the first special training camp for space customization designers for 15 days, which aims to help terminal store designers learn more deeply and comprehensively about product knowledge, production technology, design concept, home decoration Feng Shui, drawing operation, scheme explanation, customer communication, etc., and create a compound excellent designer who understands both products and design, both technology and sales

on December 16, the students of the first special training camp for space customization designers gathered in Shangpin Bense wooden door production headquarters base - the famous historical and cultural city of Tengzhou, Shandong, and began a colorful learning journey. At the opening ceremony, Zhang Jingbo, general manager of Shangpin natural color business department, made an enthusiastic sharing, which made designers further understand the significance and development prospects of home design. Zhang Jingbo, director of space customization department, shared the necessary professional qualities of excellent designers and their daily focus, which made students further clarify their learning direction

during the study period, more than 10 training teachers from the space customization department gave lessons, leading everyone from the classroom to the workshop, from the company exhibition hall to the owner, from product knowledge explanation to CAD drawing skills, the use of cool home software, from home decoration Feng Shui to the overall home color matching, from the whole space design to product installation details, from field measurement of dimensions, design schemes to simulated customer reception, explanation schemes, every day is full of dry goods, The students are busy and full every day. The teachers' daily classroom questions, in class tests and after-school homework made the students tired and happy, and they felt that they had returned to the era of college entrance examination

from classroom to workshop

go to the owner's home to measure the size on the spot

scheme explanation PK competition

explanation scheme

Training and Learning + in class test + homework

during the training, in order to help you better understand traditional culture and customs, and deeply understand the evolution of home decoration design and product technology, the company specially organized you to visit and study the famous Luban Memorial Hall and Taierzhuang ancient city

the special training camp combining theory and practice has made designers feel that through training and learning, they have a deeper understanding of products, a deeper understanding of the functions of the software, and a more skilled application. At the same time, their design skills and communication skills have also improved to a higher level, so that they will no longer be nervous about explaining the scheme to customers later

with the end of 2018, this special training camp for space customization designers has been successfully concluded. Next, Shangpin natural color wooden door will carry out more different forms of training to help more designers and dealer teams grow and progress, enhance the core competitiveness of terminal stores, and bring a more comfortable life to our customers in a better way





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