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Netizens' comments: the decoration is a bottomless hole, and you can't hear the sound when you throw how much money into it. In order to avoid spending some improper expenses, we made a strict budget before decoration. The door should be 600~700, so we ordered the ecological solid wood door of karoyamei as planned. But impulse cannot resist temptation, and sensibility absolutely defeats reason. When the bargainer cut the PE white mixed door of karoyamei to 1080 yuan and gave me hardware, my heart was set. Later, I kept thinking about whether the more than 1000 doors were too extravagant, but when I saw the door, I made a heartfelt sigh: every penny counts. My husband and I were very, very satisfied with this door

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personally, I think it is very necessary to be familiar. Because our schedule is very tight. On the one hand, it is restrained by the decoration company. On the other hand, because we all have to work and usually have no time, we schedule many important installations on weekends

in fact, I made an appointment before, but the business of karoyamei is very tight recently. So the staff I had to find were very enthusiastic and arranged immediately to cater to my time. We also sent the best installers. Thank you




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