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In the inherent concept of many people, winter has never been a suitable time for decoration, which makes it really difficult for many owners who want to decorate their homes in winter. Many owners are most worried about the construction quality of home decoration in winter: the weather is too cold, the cement is easy to freeze, the bricks are not firm, and it is easy to appear hollowing, falling off and other phenomena; The temperature is too low, and it is easy to be uneven when painting, resulting in the appearance of the wall &hellip& hellip; Moreover, decoration is a time-consuming project, and cross year decoration is certainly indispensable. This kind of time is discontinuous, and the battle line is too long, so the owners are easy to be exhausted. These concerns have become a worry for the owners. In mid November, Mr. Zhou bought a new house, and he plans to decorate it as soon as possible, so that he can directly move to a new house when he gets married next year. But after all kinds of procedures have been completed, plus finding a home decoration company and a construction team, it will have to wait until the beginning of December when the construction starts. Seeing that winter is coming, home decoration has not been fully carried out. The cold air came one after another. Facing the embarrassing situation of winter construction, Mr. Zhou had many worries. It is understood that at the end of this year, many properties have been handed over to owners, but this has not heated the home decoration market. According to the statistics of several major brand home decoration companies, the number of owners of winter clothing this year has decreased by about 30% compared with previous years. ◆ five worries about home decoration in winter. The reporter found that owners have five major concerns about home decoration in winter: first, they are worried about the weak adhesion of ceramic tiles; Second, worry about paint cracking; Third, worry about wood deformation; Fourth, they are worried that the construction period will be delayed due to the Spring Festival holiday; Fifth, fear of decoration pollution endangering health. All kinds of bad deeds of home decoration in winter make the owners don't know what to do. Some insiders said: winter is the traditional off-season for decoration, and many new home owners will hesitate to decorate in winter, but with the development of technology, many consumers have gradually changed their inherent concepts. Designer Xiao Hu said that the most challenging thing for home decoration companies in winter clothing is the handling of details and the improvement of process materials. The reporter visited the building materials market and found that the quality of materials on the market has improved rapidly. ◆ Q & A of home decoration in winter: will too low temperature affect the construction quality? Tiling is an important project in decoration, and tiling requires cement. During construction in winter, once the mixed cement is cooled, it may fail. What is more serious is that after the bricks have been pasted, if the temperature drops suddenly at this time, it will seriously affect the cement strength and project quality. Mr. Wang, an insider in the industry, said: when using cement, we must pay attention to thermal insulation, especially when the temperature suddenly drops when the bricks have been pasted, which is most likely to affect the strength of cement. He suggested that during winter construction, it is best to add antifreeze to cement to ensure construction quality. Doubt 2: what about the floor expansion and contraction? In order to prevent the phenomenon of thermal expansion in summer, when paving the floor in winter, you should also pay attention to leaving a larger gap to prevent the possible hidden danger of thermal expansion in summer. Many owners reported that the reason why the floor cracked was that they didn't do this detail well, which led to rework. Doubt 3: how to deal with harmful gases? Mr. Huang, the owner, worries that it is too cold in winter to open the window, but if it is not opened, when will formaldehyde and other harmful gases volatilize? Master Li Wen, who has been engaged in the decoration industry for many years, said that air conditioners and heaters should be turned on to raise the indoor temperature to fully release formaldehyde. At the same time, we should not only open windows for ventilation during the decoration process, but also pay attention to opening windows for ventilation after decoration. The time should be in a warm afternoon as far as possible, and the window opening time should be 20 minutes each time. Doubt 4: what about different colors in winter and summer? Industry insiders Hu Songqing said that if warm colors are used in a large area, it is easy to involuntarily produce bad emotions such as irritability in summer. Therefore, the use of warm colors in home decoration in winter must be moderate, with a long-term view, and red cannot be used too much at home. During the decoration process, you can mix cold and warm colors to create a warm atmosphere and make people feel relaxed and comfortable





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