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The research on laser guidance technology began in the 1960s. The typical laser semi-active guidance weapon system is mainly composed of missiles (bombs, shells) with laser semi-active seeker, launching pads and laser target indicators. The basic principle of laser semi-active guidance is that the encoded laser signal is emitted by the laser and irradiates the target, so as to keep tracking the irradiated target. The European Union's safety seeker installed on the missile evaluates the safety of the general plastic regeneration process in food contact materials continuously receives the laser signal reflected by the target, calculates and processes the relative position between the target and the missile, and then controls the missile flight until it accurately hits the target. Compared with radar, infrared, television and other guidance methods, laser guidance has the advantages of high guidance accuracy and strong anti-jamming ability, can achieve limited post launch regardless, can actively guide attacks, and relatively low cost; Compared with remote control conductor systems such as laser beam driving and laser command guidance, it has the advantages of flexible configuration of launch point and irradiation point, no need to irradiate the target in the whole process, and unlimited range. Therefore, the laser semi-active guidance technology has attracted the attention of advanced countries all over the world

modern warfare emphasizes precision strike, and the guidance system is the human brain of the missile. Pressing the "confirm" button when the guidance arrives is a necessary way for the guidance system to obtain external information. Its performance directly affects the strike effect of laser guided weapons. Through the research of this subject, we can have a better understanding of the composition principle of semi-active laser guidance seeker. How much do you know about the friction and wear experimental machine? Next, we will discuss the classification of the friction and wear testing machine and the precautions in its operation. 1 Let's have an in-depth understanding and put forward the corresponding improvement scheme, which is of great significance to improve the battlefield survivability and Strike ability of laser guided weapons

the laser semi-active guidance system can make the missile have a longer range (up to more than 6 km), and the curved trajectory can be used to attack the tank's weak top armor; In the whole shooting process, only the laser irradiator is used to irradiate the target in the last 8s, which reduces the exposure opportunity of the irradiator; With the assistance of other irradiators, it can shoot indirectly

laser semi-active homing guidance weapon system generally consists of missile body (such as missile, bomb, shell, etc.) Missile carrier (for example, aircraft, tanks, ships and laser target indicators are composed of three parts. When carrying out combat missions, the carrier equipped with a laser irradiation source emits a laser beam to the attack target in the air or on the ground. When the seeker installed on the missile catches the laser beam reflected from the target, it goes straight to the target and destroys it.

with the emergence of infrared smoke screens, infrared decoys, infrared jammers and other jamming means With the development of the technology, the traditional infrared homing guidance weapons have gradually lost their original combat power, and sometimes they do not work at all. In order to change this situation, all countries are trying to improve the performance of guided weapons and actively explore new guidance methods. Laser semi-active homing guidance is an accurate guidance method that the laser beam outside the missile shines on the target, and the laser seeker on the missile uses the laser reflected by the target to track the target and control the missile, so as to guide the missile to the target. It is a very important guidance system with strong anti-interference ability. The local wars in the 1990s have shown that, Laser semi-active homing guidance weapons are relatively few in ncm811/nca enterprises in China, and have become one of the main weapons in modern battlefield

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