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Development and main types of liquid milk packaging with the improvement of people's living standards, milk and dairy products are being widely used in real life with their rich nutritional value and health care functions. At present, dairy products mainly include liquid milk and solid milk, of which liquid milk has the largest consumption and the fastest development As a component of dairy products, dairy packaging has a profound impact on the development of dairy industry Now let's focus on liquid milk packaging

types of liquid milk

at present, liquid milk mainly includes fresh milk and yogurt. There are many kinds of liquid milk, each of which has made great efforts in taste, trace element content and nutrition. In terms of taste, the fuel consumption of new commercial vehicles is close to the international advanced level, such as strawberry flavor, pineapple flavor, lemon flavor, etc; Trace elements include those focusing on iron, calcium and zinc

development of liquid milk packaging

the initial consumption of milk began in the 1940s. At that time, a small amount of milk was packaged in glass bottles and sent to customers. This was the initial packaging of milk consumption. However, due to the inconvenience of glass bottles, paper and cardboard were used to package liquid milk after waxing. In the 1960s, waxed paper was replaced by LDPE (low-density polyethylene). At this time, glass bottled milk was really eliminated, and blow molded HDPE (high-density polyethylene) and LDPE wide mouth bottles were developed. At present, in terms of milk packaging, different places have different packaging methods. In the North American market, liquid milk bottles are mainly HDPE and LDPE wide mouth bottles, or PE plastic bottles, while in Europe and Africa, carton boxes (paperboard coated with PE on both sides) are widely used as the main packaging materials. At present, the liquid milk packaging film in China is mainly the multi-layer coextrusion composite film of aseptic packaging and the bag and box packaging made of paper/plastic/aluminum composite materials

advanced light textile materials are the key liquid milk packaging types

yoghurt packaging

due to the high added value of yoghurt products, and more and more consumers like it, the yoghurt market has achieved great development in recent years In addition, because the shelf life of yogurt is longer than that of fresh milk, it is not as diverse as that of fresh milk. In addition to plastic cups, yogurt packaging also uses cartons, plastic bottles, plastic bags and other forms. However, its main packaging form has always been plastic cup packaging, mainly the eight cup carton packaging used by Guangming, Sanyuan, Mengniu, etc. this packaging is a packaging method that puts the yogurt cup into the carton and packs it with plastic film. This packaging machine can visually see the yogurt products and facilitate the purchase

recently, Guangming group has launched a "fresh cup" yogurt package, which adopts a humanized design of 200ml in capacity. In terms of packaging materials, paper cups are used to replace the original glass bottles, and the cup covers are sealed with a composite film, which makes the sealing performance easy to tear open, and the shelf life is longer than the original

at present, the "little foreigner" plastic bottles of yoghurt are BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) bottles, which are two-step biaxially oriented PP bottles and can be sterilized twice. BOPP bottle has excellent high-temperature resistance. The heat-resistant temperature is more than 100 ℃. It can withstand ultra-high temperature instant sterilization or secondary high-temperature sterilization. The bottle is not deformed, and its light weight, high transparency and low-temperature resistance are good. It is suitable for use in the low-temperature climate in the north and is not broken. The shelf life of BOPP bottle used for dairy product packaging can reach more than one year, which can fully meet the storage needs of products. Moreover, it is an environmentally friendly packaging, convenient and simple to recycle, and the waste can be recycled

what is the hardness and rigidity of metal? In order to adapt to the market development, yogurt has also adopted some unique packaging forms, such as child mother double cup, children's cup, multi flavor cup packaging, cup plus layered filling and children's stick packaging. According to the prediction of experts in the industry, these new yogurt packaging forms will become the dominant trend in the Chinese market in the next 3 to 5 years

fresh milk packaging

of course, fresh milk should pursue the "fresh" taste when drinking, and the embodiment of this fresh taste and nutritional value is inseparable from the packaging. Therefore, it can be said that fresh milk has guided and promoted the development of packaging to a certain extent. Its packaging forms are diverse, plastic bags are widely used, and other types of packaging are emerging in endlessly. He proposed a solution. Here are several kinds of fresh milk packaging

1. Aseptic packaging of fresh milk

aseptic packaging of fresh milk refers to the packaging of sterilized milk in a sterile environment. Its main advantage is that it can retain the original nutritional components and flavor of milk to the greatest extent and reduce the loss under the condition of ensuring sterility

plastic composite film is an ideal choice for aseptic packaging while maintaining product flavor and nutrition. The milk in this form of aseptic packaging has a long shelf life and does not need to be refrigerated, which is helpful to transport it to a distant place at a low cost. Therefore, aseptic plastic bag packaging and aseptic cup plastic bottle packaging have developed very rapidly in recent years. The aseptic bag packaging mainly uses pet (polyester) aluminized film and PE composite, and the aseptic cup packaging uses multi-layer co extruded sheet PP/PE/EVA ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer/PVDC polyvinylidene chloride/PS polystyrene

2. Roof type carton packaging

roof type carton packaging has unique design, unique material and structure, which can prevent the entry and exit of oxygen and moisture, and has good barrier to external light; It can keep the freshness of the milk in the box and effectively preserve the rich vitamin A and vitamin B in the milk. This kind of packaging was first introduced into the Chinese market by the international paper industry in 1994. It has been recognized by the majority of consumers because of its novelty, beauty, hygiene and environmental protection of carton packaging, and the freshness, nutrition and good taste of the milk drinks. In recent years, on the basis of the continuous improvement of the domestic cold chain system, the sales volume of the roof type fresh-keeping packaging system in the Chinese market has increased significantly. The market demand has issued a call to the rooftop boxed milk production enterprises

3. Black and white film

fresh keeping packaging the raw material of black and white film is polyethylene, which generally needs 3 or 4 layers, and is compounded by adding black and white film masterbatch. The packaging has a unique function of blocking light and oxygen, the product packaging cost is low, and meets the environmental protection requirements. The shelf life of fresh milk packaged with three-layer coextrusion black and white film can reach 20 days. Of course, the quality of black-and-white film depends on the heat sealing performance to a large extent. At present, it seems that metal pentane linear low-density polyethylene (mLLDPE) is the best raw material for heat sealing film. The black-and-white film can ensure that the fresh milk has a wide heat sealing temperature range on the automatic packaging line, which is conducive to improving the packaging speed, and the seal is not easy to crack in the process of refrigeration and transportation. Due to many advantages of black-and-white film, it is now widely used in fresh milk packaging. It will become the development direction of fresh milk packaging in the next few years

Tetra Pak recently launched the "six layer belly Niuniu" packaging, which is actually a six layer composite "Tetra Pak brick" packaging

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