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Development and future of ceramic packaging (Part 2)

III. Development Ideas of ceramic packaging in China

from the above, we know that simple packaging has been gradually eliminated due to various defects and does not conform to the national industrial policy of "replacing wood with paper and plastic with paper". Honeycomb paperboard has not been popularized as a mainstream product at this stage due to its immature technical conditions. Corrugated board not only conforms to the national industrial policy, but also the cost is not too high, so it should become the mainstream of our application at this stage. As a ceramic packaging, corrugated box has the following advantages:

first, the performance indicators of corrugated board are better than simple packaging, which meet or exceed the national standards and meet the requirements of various ceramic manufacturers

second, it is easy to print, and the decoration design and structure design are simpler and more convenient

ceramic products have many varieties, complex structures and are easy to be broken. Therefore, it is necessary to design various buffer liners and special-shaped packaging according to the shape of the product. Corrugated cardboard has good forming effect and can be cut at will, which meets this requirement. Moreover, the corrugated board has good surface printability and can be printed according to customer requirements, which enhances the publicity effect of the product and increases the promotion function. Therefore, it is highly praised by the majority of production enterprises

third, the corrugated board production equipment is simple and the technical conditions are mature

paper packaging, especially carton packaging, has developed rapidly. According to statistics, by the end of the ninth five year plan, paper packaging products accounted for 28% of the total output value of the entire packaging industry, accounting for the first in the total output value of the national packaging industry. The "Tenth Five Year Plan" for the development of the packaging industry and the long-term strategy for 2015 describe the development of paper packaging products in the next few years, "the development of paper packaging products has maintained a rapid growth momentum". As far as we know, each prefecture level city in China has 6-50 corrugated board production lines on average, which can basically meet the needs of all regions for cartons. Therefore, we believe that in the next five to ten years, corrugated box packaging will become the leading material for ceramic packaging

fourth, it is suitable for environmental protection requirements and conforms to the national industrial policy

as a green industry and a sunrise industry, carton packaging products have always been supported by national policies, and can be recycled and degraded. Therefore, they will be used by various ceramic manufacturers

in view of the current situation of China's ceramic packaging, we should promote paper packaging from the following aspects, especially the use of corrugated boxes in ceramic packaging:

first, organize the establishment of local industry associations, coordinate local carton production enterprises, optimize resources, and make the cost lower and the quality higher

at present, most carton manufacturing enterprises in China are small and medium-sized enterprises. Most of them have low labor efficiency and high production costs. In order to obtain orders and profits, they press prices and cut corners on work and materials. In this way, they can not meet the quality requirements, but damage the image of the whole industry. Only when the carton manufacturers organize themselves, centralize the production of boards, disperse the production of cartons, reduce costs and improve quality, can it be possible for ceramic manufacturers to adopt carton packaging

second, organize functional departments to publicize industrial policies, support the use of carton packaging, and force enterprises to adopt it

because ceramic manufacturers are worried about using cartons for packaging, they are afraid of not meeting quality requirements and high costs, so they are unwilling to use cartons for packaging. Therefore, our functional departments at all levels should make more publicity to let them eliminate their concerns. Of course, if some small enterprises refuse to adopt it, they can be forced to close, stop, merge and transfer, so as to prevent them from damaging the overall interests of the state and the collective for their own benefit

third, strengthen the self-management of the packaging industry, promote energy conservation and consumption reduction, and turn waste into treasure

there are two main reasons for the high cost of carton industry to help these fast-growing industrial industries to improve efficiency, productivity and improve profit margin: first, most ceramic packaging are special-shaped boxes, with a large number of corner wastes and a low utilization rate of cardboard; Second, corrugated boxes are mostly disposable and less recycled, so the year-on-year cost is higher. Therefore, if carton manufacturers make an issue from these two aspects, they can greatly reduce production costs and obtain higher profits. The waste materials at the corners can be used as liners and backing plates. The recycled cartons can be sorted out by special personnel and stored by category, which can reduce the raw material cost of the base paper manufacturer. With the rapid development of paper packaging, the actual demonstration shows that the battery system can simultaneously supply power to 1 TV, 1 computer, 1 electric fan and 10 60W lighting bulbs (see Figure 3)

in addition, it can also accelerate the promotion of honeycomb paperboard, promote carton manufacturers to tap the potential, reduce consumption and reduce management costs, so as to promote the orderly development of the whole industry, achieve mutual benefit and mutual development between the packaging industry and the ceramic industry, and carry out R & D and industrialized large-scale graphene film preparation in China, as well as supplement of special measuring and testing instruments for graphene materials

in a word, at this stage, ceramic packaging should mainly use carton packaging. As a long-term goal, efforts should be made to develop honeycomb paperboard to replace carton packaging and simple packaging. It is hoped that in a short time, our national treasure - porcelain will wear a beautiful coat and "marry" to all parts of the world

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