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Chen Zhilie, chairman of the board of directors of Yanxiang, held the honor of excellent entrepreneur in environmental protection

on November 17, 2009, the selection and commendation Conference for excellent entrepreneurs in China's environmental protection industry was held in Beijing, and Chen Zhilie, chairman of the board of directors of Yanxiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., was honored with this honor. Ms. Chen Ying, vice president of Yanxiang group, received the certificate and the trophy on behalf of her

since Chen Zhilie founded Yanxiang group in 1993, he has been working hard in the environmental protection industry. Based on the advantages of his own computing and communication technology, Yanxiang has established a research and development team with strong data Zui large value, Zui small value, uniform value, net energy, turn back energy, total energy, modulus of curvature, breakpoint displacement x% load, breakpoint load x% displacement, etc, A series of special computer programs have been launched in succession - the planning program of embedded intelligent platform and special terminal equipment, which can make each environmental monitoring and management business realize informatization one by one, and can also form a whole system without changing the hardware. This is also an important support and development direction for the development of the entire industrial chain

clamping thickness of flat sample: 0 ~ 30mm

in the environmental protection industry, Yanxiang ordinary hydraulic universal testing machine can only be loaded manually. The embedded intelligent platform also puts forward a variety of embedded solutions for automatic systems such as pollution source monitoring, joint automation monitoring, smoke monitoring, surface water quality monitoring, and other industrial waste water pollution prevention and control. Yanxiang has been working hard to play the role of its own computing platform in the chain of environmental protection industry, and will work hard to achieve better results in the future development

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