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Chen Zhilie of Yanxiang company was elected caie "person of the year 2006"

according to the news from the "2007 China automation industry century travel (caie2007)" 3. According to this method, 210 such samples were tested and the pressure on the samples was removed. According to the news from the organizing committee, Mr. Chen Zhilie, chairman of the board of directors of Shenzhen Yanxiang Zhineng Technology Co., Ltd., and six other outstanding entrepreneurs and senior engineers in the field of automation in China, It was jointly elected as the "person of the year 2006". The selection is sponsored by China Automation Society; It is jointly organized by China instrumentation industry association, China Computer Industry Association, expert consultation Working Committee of China Automation Society and computer application professional committee of China automation society

this activity aims to record and comment on every step of the development of China's automation industry, and commend individuals and enterprises that have made important contributions to its development; Comprehensively display the continuously innovative automation products; Thoroughly analyze successful industry solutions. Each session selects the major events, figures and excellent products of China's automation industry in the previous year for centralized selection, which is jointly elected by the association's recommendation, expert evaluation and social voting. It is a highly authoritative selection in the field of domestic automation. The re-election of Mr. Chen Zhilie of Yanxiang company as the "person of the year 2006" also shows that industry experts and scholars fully recognize the outstanding achievements made by Yanxiang company in recent years and its contributions to China's automation industry

Mr. Chen Zhilie founded Yanxiang company from 1993 to 2021. After more than ten years of hard work and unremitting independent innovation, Yanxiang company has become a leading enterprise in the domestic industrial control computer industry, making outstanding contributions to promoting the development of national industrial control computer technology and industry and creating sustainable value for all stakeholders. In 2003, Yanxiang company was listed in Hong Kong, becoming the first listed enterprise in the industry with a large-scale R & D and production base in China; In 2006, the output value created by Yanxiang company in industrial control computers and related products reached 800million yuan. As one of the main drafting units, Yanxiang company is actively participating in the drafting of the national standard of "industrial control computer system". The implementation of this standard will play a more important role in standardizing and guiding the development of industrial control computer technology

as a leading enterprise in the domestic embedded industry, Yanxiang company will continue to make unremitting efforts with the goal of rejuvenating the country through science and technology; Take the responsibility of serving the country with industry, and promote China's industrial control products to the world

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