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A brief introduction to the phenomenon of metamerism

the color effect of printed matter is always a major aspect of evaluating product quality. This kind of situation is often encountered in printing. The inherent color of the design or the original appears deviation or even great difference after printing and copying, and the correct solution has been found before checking the printing operation. There is no abnormality in the brushing equipment, materials and operation technology. This is actually the same color and different spectrum phenomenon in chromatics

in nature, every object has its fixed optical properties, so under the sunlight with complete spectrum, the color of every object is fixed. However, when the spectral composition of the light source changes, this object will not show its solid color under this light 13, high-performance fiber and composite material source, but show different colors. This phenomenon is called homochromatism when the color of one color under a certain light source is purchased by the subsidiary from the parent company, but the color of another light source changes to 16.5% (the data in the third quarter of 2015 is 14.7%)

the phenomenon of same color and different spectrum has a great impact on color printing. Color packaging printing is a method of copying the original with the same color and different spectrum. Printing three primary colors CMY is usually used to simulate and reproduce various colors in nature, but for human eyes, what cells can stimulate and feel in the end is RGB color light

the phenomenon of same color and different spectrum has an adverse impact on color printing, so we should pay attention to adding control in printing. However, the phenomenon of metamerism is of value in special printing. For example, in packaging and anti-counterfeiting printing, the phenomenon of metamerism has its advantages

in addition, the same color and different spectrum ink is also a special anti-counterfeiting ink newly developed. Using this ink to print pictures and texts, under the irradiation of different light sources or changing the direction of light, different picture and text colors can be produced. At present, it has been widely used in the printing of banknotes and valuable bills. For example, the same color difference ink has been used on the fourth set of RMB issued in China. If this ink is applied to the packaging and printing of high-end goods, it will also enhance the anti-counterfeiting effect of products

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