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Chenpeiliang, vice president of Zoomlion: outline the blueprint for the take-off of the environmental industry

chenpeiliang, vice president of Zoomlion: outline the blueprint for the take-off of the environmental industry

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Guide: this year, the demand for copper in new energy vehicles across the country increased. On the eve of the two sessions, the haze shrouded one eighth of China's territory, and it seemed to be a luxury to breathe a breath of fresh air. Environmental protection has become a hot topic during the two sessions in recent years. At the same time, it also urges relevant domestic enterprises to adjust their development strategies in time, research and produce more high-tech

on the eve of the national two sessions this year, the haze shrouded one eighth of China's territory, and it seemed to be an extravagant hope to breathe a breath of fresh air. Environmental protection has become a hot topic during the two sessions in recent years. At the same time, it also urges relevant domestic enterprises to adjust their development strategies in time, research and develop and produce more high-tech environmental protection products

in this context, as an equipment provider with a leading position in the R & D, manufacturing and sales of environmental sanitation machinery in the country, Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. quietly made a major strategic adjustment last October: its subordinate environmental sanitation machinery branch was renamed as the environmental industry company, and its internal position in Zoomlion was raised to a level parallel with traditional construction machinery. What are the considerations for such strategic adjustment and deployment? What is Zoomlion's plan for the development of environmental industry in the future? Recently, chenpeiliang, vice president of Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and general manager of Zoomlion Environmental Industry Co., Ltd. talked about his views

planning: grasp the two main lines and gradually expand

the success of any business is inseparable from the clear overall planning and correct strategic deployment in the early stage

"Zoomlion has raised the development of the environmental industry to the level of juxtaposing with the traditional construction machinery sector, which is a decision made by the company's management based on the national development strategy and policy guidance. At present, China's urbanization pace continues to accelerate, environmental problems are becoming increasingly prominent, and the total market volume of environmental protection equipment will reach or even exceed the total market volume of construction machinery and equipment in the future. Therefore, the company has adjusted the simple environmental sanitation machinery manufacturing business from the strategic level For the development of more diversified environmental industries. " Chen Peiliang said

therefore, how the environmental industry company plans in the near future and how to layout in the long term has become something that Chen Peiliang has been thinking about since he took office as the general manager of the environmental industry company. "Through comprehensive analysis and consideration, we have identified two main development lines of the environmental industry company: the first is the research and development and manufacturing of urban domestic waste (also known as solid waste) collection, sorting, compression, transportation and final treatment equipment, and the second is the research and development and improvement of kitchen waste recycling and resource reuse equipment. Our three-year plan and medium and long-term layout have been generated around these two main lines."

Chen Peiliang also explained the reasons for choosing these two main lines for development. He said that the first main line is the conclusion drawn by Zoomlion after a comprehensive analysis of the industry situation and its relevant advantages. At present, the strengths of Zoomlion sanitation machinery products are cleaning vehicles and cleaning vehicles, with a market share of more than 60%, which cannot be shaken by competitors. However, the R & D and manufacturing of waste separation, compression and transfer products did not keep up with the development of the industry, and the sales did not match the growth of the entire market capacity. Data show that with the acceleration of urbanization, China produces up to 250 million tons of garbage every year. A large amount of domestic waste not only causes great pressure on the urban environment and development, but also contains huge resource potential and economic benefits, especially the development of "turning waste into treasure" will be paid more and more attention. In the next few years, the market demand for urban domestic waste sorting, compression and transfer equipment will increase significantly. Therefore, according to the prediction of the development of the industry, Zoomlion will launch new drip free garbage compression vehicles, as well as medium and large-scale garbage sorting and compression stations and garbage transfer vehicles

with regard to the second main line - strengthening the research and development and improvement of equipment for food waste recycling and resource reuse, Chen Peiliang said that the rapid development of urbanization will bring a large number of food waste. If food waste is not reasonably collected and treated, on the one hand, it will produce gutter oil, endanger people's health, and on the other hand, it will make food waste an important cause of environmental pollution. For the sake of society, Zoomlion has been developing kitchen waste recycling and resource reuse equipment in recent years, hoping to provide the government with equipment solutions for collection, transportation and recycling to completely solve the problem of kitchen waste management. The food waste recycling project piloted and put into operation by Zoomlion in Changsha has achieved certain results with one steel ball above rotating against three stationary steel balls below. Next, it will continue to be improved

"in fact, the environmental industry technology covers a wide range, including soil remediation technology, harmful industrial waste gas, hazardous waste, medical waste treatment technology, etc. but we will carry out relevant technology research and development around the above two main lines. This involves the medium and long-term development plan of Zoomlion environmental industry." For example, in the process of waste transfer, technologies such as sewage discharge treatment, sludge harmless treatment, sorting and collection of recyclable substances, and improvement of waste collection and transportation equipment are involved, Chen Peiliang said. The later stage of waste transfer also involves the development of the whole industrial chain of waste collection, transportation and treatment, such as incineration and landfill. In the waste treatment sector, they also plan to introduce some of the latest international new technologies, such as pyrolysis technology

it is not easy to realize these medium - and long-term plans. Chen Peiliang revealed that it is not ruled out that independent research and development and mergers and acquisitions of some companies with internationally advanced technologies should be carried out on two legs in order to quickly obtain the core technologies of environmental industries such as waste treatment

landing: move into the new industrial park to release production capacity

the idea is in place, and then there is the problem of landing

"in January this year, Zoomlion environmental industry company moved to Hunan Changsha Lugu Second Industrial Park as a whole. The first phase of the industrial park covers an area of 1100 mu, which is mainly built for the R & D and manufacturing of the environmental industry. It provides customers with high-quality products and innovative solutions. The completion is also an important step for Zoomlion to develop the environmental industry, guide the promotion and application of environmental protection technology, and achieve mass production." Chen Peiliang said that in the past, a major problem of Zoomlion environmental industry company was the insufficient delivery capacity of sanitation vehicles. The original sanitation machinery was manufactured in three places, and there were many supporting factories. Due to the dispersion of production and organization, there will be deviations in manufacturing costs and quality control. Therefore, Zoomlion has made great efforts to build Lugu Second Industrial Park, focusing on the R & D and production of environmental industry, which is conducive to production capacity, quality assurance and cost control. In addition, a workshop for experimental products of environmental industry is also planned in the industrial park, which is conducive to transforming technology into actual products as soon as possible and improving the conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements

it is understood that Lugu second industrial park is mainly used for the R & D and production of nearly 100 varieties of environmental industrial products in nine categories, including environmental sanitation machinery, food waste treatment, high concentration polluted water treatment, etc. after the project is completed, it will become the largest and most advanced R & D and production base of environmental sanitation and environmental protection equipment in China. In 2014, the industrial park will produce 15000 sets of environmental sanitation machinery and equipment. Chen Peiliang revealed that the release of production capacity made the 2014 goal set by Zoomlion environmental industry company - the output value reached 6billion yuan (an increase of 50%), which is more likely to be achieved

thinking: be cautious about environmental sanitation operation services

at present, the state has raised the government purchase of services to the level of transforming government functions, promoting the modernization of national governance capacity and promoting the reform of public institutions. The government's purchase of environmental sanitation operation services has been rolled out in many places, and a single spark can start a prairie fire. As a leading enterprise in the production of environmental sanitation machinery in China, Zoomlion has great advantages in extending the production of environmental sanitation machinery to environmental sanitation operation services, forming a whole industrial chain of R & D, production, sales and operation services. However, Chen Peiliang was cautious about this

"we have paid attention to the national policy guidance for the government to purchase services. And some banks said that if we provide environmental sanitation operation services for the government, we can also provide loan guarantees." Chen Peiliang said that as enterprises, they should also consider risks while trying to bear more social responsibilities. In this regard, Zoomlion plans to take three steps: the first step is to adhere to the R & D and manufacturing of environmental protection equipment to bring more high-tech products to the cause of environmental protection. The second step is to provide the newly developed products with core competitiveness to users for experience through operation services during market promotion. Third, when the national policies are more perfect, Zoomlion will consider putting ordinary products into operation services

in fact, Chen Peiliang's caution and worry are not unreasonable. He explained several reasons: first, China has not established a unified charging model for sanitation operation services. The state has no corresponding fiscal revenue guarantee for the expenditure on sanitation services such as cleaning services and garbage removal and disposal. Therefore, the fiscal support for sanitation operation services is difficult to maintain sustainability. For example, the cost of sewage treatment is added to the water fee, and drivers' use of highways is also reflected by paying vehicle and vessel use tax or highway fee, but there is no unified revenue channel for the cost of environmental sanitation operation services. Looking at foreign countries, some countries add the cost of environmental sanitation operation services to the cost of housing rent or garbage bags, so the provision of environmental sanitation operation services is sustainable. Second, the current environmental sanitation operation service fees are basically borne by the local finance. If the local finance is depressed, there will be problems in the payment collection of operating enterprises. Third, the cost of environmental sanitation machinery and equipment is only a small part of the cost of environmental sanitation operation services. More costs include environmental sanitation workers' costs, fuel consumption costs and related operation and management costs. Once the government fails to pay the service fees or delays in paying the service fees, it will have an impact on the normal operation of the operating company

Chen Peiliang said that as a listed enterprise with a society, Zoomlion needs to be responsible for investors and society in every decision-making step. In the development of environmental industry, it should adhere to planning, landing and thinking

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