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Hefei entered the top three of the "top ten innovative cities in China"

Hefei entered the top three of the "top ten innovative cities in China". The fire of innovation has gradually become a prairie fire, the innovation ecosystem highlights the "amplification effect", and implements innovation driven to enhance the core competitiveness of the industry. Once the materials are crushed (if necessary), the fire of innovation gradually becomes a prairie fire

in the southwest corner of the intersection of innovation Avenue and Wangjiang West Road in Hefei, a new building with an X-shaped aerial view is particularly eye-catching. It is the main complex building of the Institute of advanced technology of China University of science and technology under construction, named the future center, which means to explore the future world. As a heavy test field for deepening the reform of the science and technology system in Anhui, the first research institute took an unusual path at the beginning of its establishment

after just two years of construction and development, a number of national and strategic scientific and technological innovation platforms came into being in the Advanced Research Institute of China University of science and technology: Hefei future network Metro test, quantum secure communication Beijing Shanghai trunk line general control vehicle: plastic frame interior weight reduction and low carbon center, national international technology transfer center, advanced technology and industrial financial service support platform, microelectronics industry common platform, etc. These platforms have a unique position in the field and industry. Once effective, they occupy the commanding heights, and their position is irreplaceable. Panxuewen, head of the technology R & D and transformation Department of the Institute, introduced

due to the adsorption effect of various innovation platforms, at present, the total number of innovation units of the Institute of advanced research of China University of science and technology has reached 87, including 31 joint laboratories (R & D centers) and 56 innovative enterprises; Through the cooperation of school enterprises, school institutions and alumni, 166 advanced technology projects have been cultivated and selected, 54 scientific and technological innovation enterprises have been established, and the registered capital of 218 million yuan has been introduced. Since May, 19 laboratories (R & D centers) have been demonstrated in 4 batches to settle in the future center building

in 2014, Hefei newly recognized 373 national high-tech enterprises, with a total of 828, ranking eighth in the provincial capital of the country. Strategic emerging industries achieved an output value of 255.39 billion yuan, accounting for 30.2% of the city's industry, and achieved an added value of 68.1 billion yuan, an increase of 29.7%, contributing 66.3% to industrial growth

innovation ecosystem highlights the amplification effect. The amplification effect of such a benign innovation ecosystem is gradually becoming prominent

from talent introduction to creating a talent jungle, Hefei has made use of its advantages in science and education to extend more actions in the industry university research cooperation with colleges and universities, and the scientific research institutes cooperating with colleges and universities are blooming everywhere in Hefei

connect the scientific and technological achievements of colleges and universities to find their husband's family in Hefei. Since last June, Hefei officially launched the industry university research cooperation with the central colleges and universities in Beijing. Subsequently, 16 colleges and universities including Peking University and Tsinghua University matched 63 projects in Hefei to produce airborne equipment heat dissipation films, heat dissipation coatings, heat conductive plastics, etc. with the good thermal conductivity of graphene, involving industries covering new display and electronic information, photovoltaic and new energy, new materials, equipment manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection, etc. In December last year, Hefei once again joined hands with Zhejiang University to prepare for the establishment of the Industrial Research Institute, which plans to settle in the new station area to build a high-end industry university research transformation base

implement innovation driven to improve the core competitiveness of the industry

Science and technology is an important competitiveness of Hefei. This year, Hefei will continue to implement the innovation driven strategy, vigorously improve the core competitiveness of the industry, and accelerate the construction of a national high concentration of innovation resources and a national independent innovation demonstration area

Hefei will accelerate the construction of the intelligent Institute of Hefei University of technology, the Innovation Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Tsinghua Institute of public security, and the Weiming Biological Institute of Peking University, and implement a number of key projects such as wind tunnel laboratory, 3D printing, precision casting, antibody new drugs, etc. Actively cooperate with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and carry out docking with Beijing Zhongguancun and other science and technology parks, and vigorously promote the transformation of the achievements of the ten strategic emerging industry research institutes such as new energy vehicles

when improving the collaborative innovation platform, 8 When the pendulum is in the vertical position, Feili will also vigorously promote the construction of enterprise technology innovation system, actively strive for national and provincial enterprise technology centers, promote the accumulation of innovative resources such as intelligent voice, public safety and robots, establish a number of technological innovation strategic alliances in integrated circuit, biomedicine and other industries, and break through key technologies such as gas turbine, quantum communication and precision manufacturing. Encourage universities and scientific research institutes to set up talent recruitment workstations overseas, and speed up the introduction of a number of high-end talent teams at home and abroad

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