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On December 24, China Plastics spot PVC market brief

on December 24, China Plastics price index reported 736.27 points, down 2.18 points from the previous trading day; The China Plastics spot index closed at 893.48 points, down 0.64 points from the previous trading day

I. upstream express:

West Texas light oil February futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange was $38.98 a barrel, down $0.93 from the previous trading day, with a trading range of 37 $65; London Intercontinental Exchange Brent crude oil February futures were $40.36 a barrel, down $1.09 from the previous trading day, with a trading range of 39 $02

Asian market: the domestic market has recently consolidated sideways, and crude oil has fluctuated again. The recent demand of the overall styrene market has gradually weakened with the advent of the festival

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

Dezhou Petrochemical PVC starts slightly lower, and the price goes with the market. The ex factory price of type 5 calcium carbide is about 6500 yuan/ton. The source of goods is limited, and the shipment is good

about 70% of the PVC of Tianjin Dagu chemical started construction, and the quotation is temporarily stable. At present, the ex factory price of various models of ethylene materials in the province is about 6600 yuan/ton, and the export price is 6300 yuan. The operation is temporarily followed

PVC in Hubei Yihua has been fully started, and the price is temporarily stable. The factory of type 5 calcium carbide in and around the province is about 6400 yuan/ton. There is no inventory pressure, so follow the market

third, the market is good and ensure the axis to nature of the force:

the PVC market quotation in Linyi area is chaotic. The tax free quotation of type 5 ordinary calcium carbide is 6200 yuan/ton, which has risen to 25kg right by 2015. Some businesses adhere to the tax free quotation of 6300 yuan/ton, but the downstream demand has withered, and the high price transaction resistance is apparent. The overall transaction is depressed compared with the previous period, and some businesses say that the price will fall

the PVC market in Hangzhou is weak, the high price continues to fall, and there is still no good performance in transaction. At present, the delivery quotation of ordinary type 5 materials is more than yuan/ton, and the high price is rare. The quotation of ethylene mainstream delivery is concentrated in yuan/ton

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