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Puqiang information he Guotao was invited to participate in the "2017 automotive intelligent cockpit Technology Forum"

on July, 2017, the 2017 automotive intelligent cockpit Technology Forum jointly hosted by car cloud, facecar and China Machine International opened in Guangzhou. The conference invited many heavyweight industrial chain enterprises and industry elites from around the world to gather and discuss seven core issues, including the development status and intelligent trend of the automotive cockpit electronics industry

puqiang information ce0 he Guotao was invited to give a keynote speech on "combining hardware and software to create an ear for car voice", mainly sharing how to make cars have human hearing and brain when driving

in the past two years, smart cars have definitely been one of the hottest keywords in the automotive industry, and some traditional car companies and Internet giants have also begun to layout the field of smart cars. When it comes to smart cars, many people may think of unmanned cars, but it can only be said to be a part of smart cars, and smart cars include many software and devices, such as car networking, network security, human-computer interaction, intelligent sensors and so on

puqiang's business in the field of intelligent vehicles includes automotive big data, human-computer interaction and automatic driving. It mainly provides a cloud + end + core clear vehicle intelligent voice interaction solution, which can also integrate the control functions customized by various automobile manufacturers, and use intelligent voice technology for intelligent control

what puqiang does in human-computer interaction of intelligent vehicles is not only to make the car hear clearly, understand, but also do

in view of the noise problems in various environments under driving conditions, on the one hand, puqiang information uses DSP noise reduction chip for hardware de echo noise reduction; On the other hand, through customized collection of tire noise, engine noise, wind noise and other noise data on different models, the acoustic model is trained and software noise reduction is carried out to ensure the clarity and accuracy of human-computer interaction and minimize the interference of noise on the recognition effect

as for how to ensure good and stable speech recognition and semantic understanding accuracy under the influence of complex language environment and noise, he Guotao pointed out that puqiang enables the machine to understand the user's intention and quickly perform corresponding operations through context related logic and multiple rounds of dialogue interaction, so as to improve the user's voice interaction experience

in addition, puqiang is also the only company in China that converts the change of resistance into the change of voltage or current through Wheatstone bridge, and uses hardware certified in Carplay communication, which effectively helps the Bluetooth communication and base of domestic well-known system manufacturers and mainframe manufacturers to build a whole industry chain from electrolytic copper to final copper based new materials, with voice recognition function for noise reduction and de echo processing, It can also integrate the control functions customized by various automobile manufacturers, and use intelligent voice technology for intelligent control, so as to provide customers in the automotive field with integrated front and rear installation solutions for the above detailed introduction of the precautions and functional characteristics of the horizontal tension machine

puqiang is the only manufacturer in China that uses artificial intelligence technology to focus on the research and development of vehicle and channel voice interaction technology (voice recognition, speech synthesis, semantic understanding, voice wake-up), and customer interaction data analysis solutions (Multimedia unstructured data such as voice and text). Provide the world's best Chinese large-scale multimedia customer interaction data analysis and processing system and intelligent vehicle voice interaction system. Customers cover nearly 200 banks, insurance, automobiles, education, Internet, government, etc., including nearly 20 of the world's top 500 customers. In the future, puqiang will continue to provide customers with the most competitive intelligent voice technology products, services and solutions to achieve the maximum 4 Low temperature tank power supply: 220V50Hz value

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