There are new regulations on the product identific

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There are new regulations on the identification of wood flooring products

from January 1 next year, the temperature in the tank is also different according to the different products, but basically it can change up and down within the temperature range of ⑴ 80 ℃ ~ + 320 ℃. All kinds of wood flooring sold in Beijing must have permanent product identification. The explicit identification shall at least include the product brand name, specification, model, production date and batch number. A few days ago, the Municipal Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision issued the "notice on clarifying the marking requirements of wood flooring products", requiring all law enforcement departments to strictly enforce the law and inspect it from January 1, 2003

the notice requires that the identification of the wooden floor should be clearly indicated on the prominent position of the product or the minimum sales package. The explicit identification includes: product name, brand, specification and model, production date or batch number, manufacturer name, address, quality grade, product executive standard number. The residue of solid wood produced by direct processing has not attracted enough attention. Wood flooring should also be marked with product tree species. At the same time, it should be marked with moisture-proof, and the ring terminal of the wire harness should be hung on the pull table near the center of the pull plate for drying, etc. Domestic production and processing of foreign registered brands, domestic distribution enterprises should also be marked according to this

for imported wood flooring made abroad, the manufacturer's place of origin (country/region) address, quality grade, product implementation standard number, and the name and address of agents, importers or sellers registered in China according to law should be indicated

enterprises that entrust foreign processing wood flooring and domestic distribution should also clearly indicate the product name, specification and model, the name, address, production date, quality grade and product implementation standard number on the minimum sales package of the products sold

multi head management is common in Beijing; Policies and regulations are not perfect. The Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision requires that the content of the wooden floor logo must be consistent with the physical object, and it is not allowed to exaggerate or fake

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