Hefei signed four major orders at the hottest Wanj

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Hefei signed four major orders at the Wanjiang promotion conference

yesterday afternoon, at the promotion conference of Wanjiang City Belt demonstration zone for undertaking industrial transfer at the China International Expo, Hefei had a total of four projects participating in the centralized signing, with a total investment of 40. RMB 300million

at the promotion meeting, one project that attracted particular attention was the Anhui Environmental Protection and energy conservation market project in Baohe district. It is reported that the "Anhui (International) environmental protection and energy conservation market" will be located in Baohe District, with a planned land area of 300 mu and a construction area of about 400000 square meters. It can accommodate nearly 2600 environmental protection and energy-saving manufacturers, enterprises and distributors. ② interference control providers to ground wires set up stores and Exhibition offices in it. This market will also become a large wholesale market and a distribution center for many environmental protection and energy-saving products

it is reported that after the completion of Anhui (International) environmental protection and energy conservation market, it will become the most authoritative R & D center of environmental protection and energy conservation products in China, and also the authoritative scientific research information release center of environmental protection and energy conservation in China

in addition to Anhui (Josef Neuer of international Keppel Jiaobao stressed: "now customers hope that technology E equipment can be functional, easy-to-use and beautiful) In addition to the large market of environmental protection and energy conservation, there are three other projects that have been centrally signed this time, namely, the investment of 1.7 billion from the investment in the melt safety casting project in the economic and Technological Development Zone, which is mainly supporting marine low-speed machines, medium speed machines, high-speed machines and marine machinery. Hefei rainbow photovoltaic glass project in the new station area, with an investment of 12. 800 million, build two glass furnaces with a daily melting capacity of 500 tons, and support eight 125t/d calendered glass production lines and glass coating and tempering production lines with corresponding capacity. In order to seek a new breakthrough, dema company of the high tech Zone qualified the production project of lifting appliances, with an investment of 4. 500 million, and the operating income can be realized after the project is completed. More than 600million yuan, solving the employment of more than 1000 people

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