Hefei will build a national express call center

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Hefei will build a national express call center

in the reconstruction of old residential buildings and residential areas, Hefei is expected to take the lead in exploring the comprehensive construction and utilization of smart parcel boxes and letter boxes, so as to make express delivery around citizens more convenient

according to the provincial development and Reform Commission, the 13th five year plan for the development of the postal industry in Anhui Province has been issued, which will accelerate the improvement of the postal express service system in the province and steadily improve social satisfaction

the province's express delivery volume has increased 10 times in five years.

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the postal industry in Anhui Province has achieved considerable development. The total business volume of the postal industry in the province increased from 2.65 billion yuan in 2010 to 11.62 billion yuan in 2015, with an average annual growth of 34%, of which the express business volume increased from 36.04 million pieces in 2010 to nearly 400 million pieces in 2015, with an average annual growth of 62%, and the net business volume increased by 10 times in five years

as of 2015, 409 enterprises in the province have obtained express business licenses. There are more than 60000 employees in the whole industry. The number of postal business places in the province has reached 2172, and the frequency and depth of delivery have been significantly improved. The delivery in urban areas has reached 1 time/day, and in rural areas has reached 4 times/week. In 2015, there were 1900 express enterprise branches in the province, and the coverage of express delivery points below the county level exceeded 85%

however, there are still some problems in the development of the postal industry in the province, mainly the lack of service capacity and level. The whole industry has not yet got rid of the extensive growth mode dominated by labor-intensive. The homogenization competition of express delivery enterprises is serious, and the pressure for survival is increasing. The last kilometer of end-of-line service needs to be solved urgently, the market order needs to be standardized, and the problem of delivery safety is prominent

urban intelligent express boxes will exceed 10000 groups

according to the plan, the total business volume of the postal industry in the province will reach 39 billion yuan by 2020, including 1.8 billion express business; The industry business income is 27billion yuan, of which the express business income gb/t12583 ⑼ 8 lubricant extreme pressure performance measurement method (4 ball machine method) is 20billion yuan. The retail transaction volume of express support network exceeded 250billion yuan. A total of 50000 new jobs were created in the industry

key express enterprises realize express delivery between key cities in China within 48 hours, and 80% of cities and counties in the province realize mutual delivery and next day delivery. The delay rate, loss rate and damage rate of express mail were significantly reduced, and the social satisfaction of universal postal service and express delivery service was steadily improved

improve the express service network, and by 2020, basically build 1500 Township express business places and 5000 express public delivery service stations in the province, and create a public service platform for urban and rural express. More than 10000 sets of smart express boxes are set up in urban communities

Hefei will build a National Express back office service base

to avoid rust

during the 13th Five Year Plan period, Anhui will focus on supporting the construction of Hefei national postal customer service center

set up universal postal service business places in new urban areas, development parks, etc. according to standards to ensure users' postal needs. And promote the comprehensive transformation of old urban residential buildings and residential areas, and explore the unified construction and comprehensive utilization of intelligent parcel boxes and letter boxes

accelerate the construction of five modern express hubs in the province, including Hefei

by 2020, Hefei first-class express professional logistics park will be built, the comprehensive carrying capacity of Hefei Ring Express Industrial Park will be improved, and Hefei National Express back office service base (express call center) will be basically built

relying on China (Hefei) cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone, Hefei international mail exchange bureau will play its role in promoting the development of cross-border e-commerce, achieving one-stop customs clearance of mail (express), and supporting Hefei and other cities to create China's express delivery demonstration cities

carry out express delivery. At present, polyether ether ketone (PEEK), polyether ketone (PEK), polyether ketone ketone (PEKK), polyether ether ketone ketone (PEKK) and polyether ketone ether ketone ketone ketone (PEKEKK) are mainly used to get on the plane, carry out the pilot of high-speed rail express and e-commerce express trains, and promote the establishment of a cooperation mechanism for the transportation of mail (express) with new Europe. Hefei Xinqiao Airport Air Express Transfer Center will be built to provide express cargo planes with green channel services of security inspection, loading, unloading and handover

enterprises establish real name archives of employees

in order to improve the quality of express service in the province, Anhui will promote key express enterprises (brands) or express logistics parks to carry out pilot express standardization

by 2020, the proportion of standardized business places of key express enterprises in the province will reach 60%, and the standard rate of electric tricycles in use by express enterprises will be more than 90%

promote express delivery enterprises to generally adopt standardized processing places, and widely adopt new technologies such as containerized units, radio frequency identification, cargo tracking, automatic sorting, three-dimensional warehouses, and distribution center information systems

the supply of waste plastic particles has been in short supply, and the three system measures of receiving and sending inspection + real name receiving and sending + machine security inspection will be fully implemented. The provincial and municipal postal industry safety supervision platform will be basically completed, and 24-hour real-time monitoring will be implemented on the production and operation sites of postal enterprises and express delivery enterprises. Promote express enterprises to establish real name archives of employees, and strengthen the education and training of employees in legal system, safety production, professional skills and professional ethics. Wang Wenlan Hefei evening news Hefei City wuqi

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