Heilongjiang, the hottest Province, is expected to

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Heilongjiang is expected to reduce users' electricity charges by another 1.3 billion yuan

deepen customers' access to "three provinces" services that save power, time and money; Implement the "three zero" service of zero door-to-door, zero approval and zero investment for small and micro enterprises in the urban area of Harbin; Help Harbin new area to build a demonstration area of power business environment; Strengthen the tracking service of power projects; We will continue to implement the policy of reducing the cost of electricity for enterprises. Following the introduction of the "23 special measures for optimizing the business environment of electric power" in July last year, the provincial power company recently held a press conference and launched seven new measures to reshape the new business environment

this year, our province will pilot and promote the "three zero" service of low-voltage industry expansion of small and micro enterprises in Harbin. From May 1, it was first carried out in Harbin new area power supply company, and from July 1, it was promoted in urban areas of Harbin. When the time is ripe, it will be comprehensively promoted in cities across the province. "Three zero" services, that is, small and micro enterprises with an application capacity of 80 kW or less, implement "zero door-to-door, zero approval and zero investment" Within the pilot scope, all small and micro enterprise customers who apply for low-voltage (0.4kV) power supply with a capacity of 80 kW or less, as well as party and government organs and public institutions, can handle the new installation and capacity increase business through the business hall, "handheld power" app, 95598 interactive station and other channels, and the power company is responsible for investing in the customer red line, and the handling link is reduced to two links, "acceptance and signing, construction and power connection", The average processing time is no more than 15 days. This measure is expected to reduce customer investment by about 58 million yuan this year

the power system of our province has comprehensively implemented the reform of "immediate, upper, nearby, one-time, limited time, and my assistant", and established the "three ones" (one for external use, one for acceptance, and one station service) power service mode; The "four designations" (designating design units, purchasing units, construction and installation units and supervision units for customer power receiving projects) are strictly prohibited to reshape an open and orderly market environment for customer power receiving projects. First try to build a demonstration area of power business environment in Harbin new area, and get through the "one connection office" and "shangguoxin" of the government of Harbin new area. 1. How to install information connection channels for concrete pressure testing machines, obtain customer information, and realize information interconnection; For the goal of "the best process in the country and the least requirements in the country" that has basically constituted the industrial chain standard of research and development, production and utilization of automotive polyurethane materials, on the basis of the implementation of the "three zero" service, provide enterprise customers with business agency services such as path planning, market-oriented power sales, comprehensive energy services, etc; Speed up the examination and approval of external power line projects. Focusing on the "hundred million" project in the province, we will solidly promote the landing guarantee mechanism and commitment completion system of power projects, implement the tracking service system, and designate a special person to provide the design requirements, type experiments, signs, quality control bsen124:1994, and free assistance for the top covers of collecting wells and inspection wells in motor vehicle areas and pedestrian areas throughout the power consumption projects of important enterprises. Continue to implement the policy of reducing power consumption costs of enterprises. 4. The experiment with tips can improve the speed and promote benefits. On the basis of reducing the electricity burden of users by 1.36 billion yuan last year, it is expected to reduce the electricity burden of users by about 1.3 billion yuan; Through direct trading of electricity, the annual electricity consumption cost of enterprises is reduced by 575million yuan

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