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The first batch of building materials to the countryside pilot unit dark horse: Yating low carbon paint

the first batch of building materials to the countryside pilot unit dark horse: Yating low carbon paint

January 6, 2011

[China paint information] since Yating developed low carbon paint in 2009, technology has been constantly innovating He has successively participated in the low-carbon economic forum held in Beijing, the partner of Zhongshan Pavilion of the WorldExpo, and won a series of honors, such as China's well-known trademark. Although users can also choose the type of equipment controlled by computers. In the first list of building materials to the countryside advocated by China Building Materials Circulation Association, Yating low-carbon paint has become a dark horse in the industry

at the two sessions held this year, building materials to the countryside is undoubtedly the hottest topic. After the two sessions to reduce the impact of pollution on human health, building materials to the countryside will soon become the third wave of actions to benefit the people after home appliances to the countryside and cars to the countryside, which will be formulated in this year's No. 1 central document. For the chemical industry, actively participating in this trip to the countryside is not only because it can bring brand promotion opportunities that cannot be underestimated, but more importantly, this trip to the countryside will become a useful attempt for the chemical industry to deeply practice the low-carbon economy and establish a new image of environmental protection and energy conservation

China Building Materials Circulation Association and domestic well-known brands such as Yating low carbon paint are making positive contributions to the countryside of building materials with their own strength. The relevant person in charge of China Building Materials Circulation Association told: as an important part of building materials, coatings have great demand potential in rural building decoration. According to our investigation, paint is becoming a mainstream decorative style in rural areas because it is relatively cheap compared with ceramic and wood decoration. Many coating enterprises, including China's first brand of low-carbon paint, Yating paint, have expressed to us their strong desire to participate in the countryside of building materials. We have also suggested to the relevant departments that coatings should be included in the catalogue of building materials to the countryside. Now the sales network of the coating industry is sinking to the township level. From this perspective, the positioning direction of the coating industry and the countryside of building materials is consistent

the paint industry has a high degree of localization, involving paint products in the countryside, mainly interior and exterior wall and wood coatings. In this field, the technology gap between foreign brands and domestic brands is small, which provides an opportunity for domestic well-known brands such as atrium low carbon paint to rise and grow

as the first low-carbon coating brand in China, As early as 2009, we began to introduce internationally leading full-automatic production "At present, the supply of domestic high-end PA products is dominated by foreign enterprises, abandoning the traditional open production process with high energy consumption, and implementing closed production. The gas and dust emissions in the production process are effectively reduced, reaching the world green factory emission standard. In addition, the world's leading equipment and processes are used to achieve fine control in the production process, and the generation and emission of carbon dioxide are 2% lower than the energy consumption in the manufacturing process of ordinary coating products 3%。 And in terms of product development, we have increased our efforts to develop products. From the selection of raw materials, the environmental protection of formulas, to the control of production and finished product inspection, we adhere to the principles of low energy consumption, low pollution and low emissions, so that the upgrading of products has been raised to a new level

the paint of atrium paint is being promoted in the countryside. Everything must follow the two primary principles of environmental protection and low carbon. The low-carbon environmental protection required by building materials to the countryside actually has two meanings. First of all, products used in the countryside must meet the requirements of low carbon, energy conservation and environmental protection in our province. Secondly, these products should also be energy-saving and low-carbon in the production process. The fundamental purpose of the national design of building materials to the countryside is to stimulate domestic demand, not to stimulate the sales of some highly polluting industries or enterprises that should be replaced. To this end, Yacheng chemical group is also dedicated to creating low-carbon, energy-saving, safe and environmentally friendly low-carbon decorative materials. And the company began to use composite materials to replace wood from the source materials, so as to truly achieve low-carbon products and combine more energy-saving products, including thermal insulation coatings for roofs, glasses, walls and light energy art coatings, so as to fundamentally achieve the effect of low-carbon. Yating paint believes that chemical enterprises should realize that building materials to the countryside is not only a process of obtaining economic returns, but also an opportunity to establish a good corporate image and brand, open and serve the rural market. Only by putting quality service in the first place can they achieve the long-term goals of sustainable development and low-carbon economy

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