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Warburg Pincus helped Shaanxi successfully carry out the "joint forces 2019" emergency communication drill

in order to implement the high technical requirements of the national top leaders on emergency management, safety production, disaster prevention and reduction, a series of arrangements and deployments for disaster relief are very high, and further standardize the emergency plan drill for natural disasters and production safety accidents in Shaanxi Province. According to the general requirements proposed by Secretary Huang Ming for composition, walking with people, uninterrupted, accessible, audible, visible, graphic transmission and analysis, Comprehensively Strengthening the construction of emergency communication system under extremely complex conditions, such as the introduction and going out stages, paralysis, road damage, power interruption, bad weather and so on

on September 10, 2019, the joint force 2019 earthquake relief emergency communication drill jointly organized by Shaanxi Provincial Communications Administration Bureau, Shaanxi Provincial Fire Rescue corps, radio management committee and other units was carried out in Chencang District, Baoji City

leaders from the military civilian integration office of the Shaanxi provincial Party committee, the combat readiness Construction Bureau of the provincial military region, the provincial emergency management department, the Provincial Seismological Bureau and other units arrived at the scene to observe and guide

with the purpose of testing the organization and command, rapid response and emergency support ability of Shaanxi communication industry in response to sudden natural disasters, this drill has 17 subjects, including Tiantong satellite terminal, 4G single soldier fire return, optical cable emergency repair, 5g emergency vehicle opening, etc. the drill content includes command and scheduling, information submission, rescue coordination, etc

as a provider of the national fire visual emergency command system, Warburg Pincus' technical expert team rushed to the main venue and sub venues of the drill with equipment such as individual soldiers, control balls, command terminals, etc. to participate in the technical support of the emergency drill. Warburg Pincus' emergency communication equipment completed all the real-time connection broadcasting and communication support during the drill through the 4G image system and the image integrated management platform covering the fire brigade in Shaanxi Province

it is reported that the sub venue is located at a simulated earthquake disaster site, and the fire commanders of the emergency communication pre outburst team carry Warburg Pincus's individual soldiers to transmit the accident scene images and videos collected at the disaster site back to the headquarters in real time. Around 2010, another part of the individual soldiers docked with the drones at the drill site, and transmitted the earthquake scene images and videos taken by the drones back to the command center. At the same time, fire commanders and fighters participating in the increasingly fierce competition in the home appliance industry and on-site rescue can realize real-time two-way voice intercom with headquarters at all levels to ensure real-time and efficient communication and command

Warburg Pincus' control ball was set up at the height of the earthquake site, and the on-site images and videos taken from all directions and multiple angles were transmitted back to the headquarters; The command terminal is deployed in the command center and the front-line rescue site to ensure the stability of the network in complex environments

4g single soldier image transmission equipment application scenario

this drill fully demonstrated the professionalism of the fire rescue team in emergency communication support, and also tested the comprehensive quality of the fire brigade in Shaanxi Province. Zhao Yanjie, the leader of Baoji fire rescue detachment, pointed out in his summary: at present, the fire rescue team is in the initial stage of transformation and upgrading, and he hopes to cooperate and communicate more deeply with other emergency communication forces in the future, and actively explore new ways and methods of emergency communication

after the drill, the leaders of the Corps expressed their appreciation for the professionalism of Warburg Pincus technicians

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