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Huarui Technology: running fast in the field of machine vision

has just completed a perfect leap with a revenue of 10 billion, and Dahua shares has been constantly making great moves to run towards higher and further goals. Recently, Huarui technology, a machine vision subsidiary of Dahua Co., Ltd., with the theme of making vision a productivity, competed with established enterprises such as Basler of Germany and Cognex of the United States at the Shanghai Machine Vision Exhibition

at this exhibition, Huarui technology grandly launched 5000 series of GigE area array cameras, 5000 series of usb3 area array cameras, 5000 series of GigE linear array cameras, MH series of high-resolution fixed focus lens products, code reading, structured light 3D cameras and other latest products

15 years of technology accumulation, the banyan characteristics of Dahua shares have become increasingly prominent

since its establishment in 2001, Dahua shares has achieved a leap in revenue from 100million to 10billion in 15 years. In recent years, with video security as the core, UOB has continuously extended its product line horizontally and its business scope vertically, covering finance, public security, transportation, energy, intelligent building and other industries. Le Cheng, a brand of Dahua shares, has taken root in the field of civil security and achieved remarkable results. Today, the first public appearance of Huarui technology, a machine vision subsidiary of UOB, has attracted the attention of integrators' customers, equipment manufacturers' customers and relevant media at home and abroad. Banyan trees are famous for their wide crown width, until their broken branches stretch down into the soil to form new trunks. The trunk grows stronger and stronger, and the new business extends, expands and takes root like branches. The banyan characteristics of UOB become more prominent

world class performance and quality shown by precise positioning

for a long time, foreign machine vision technology and products have been unique in the Jianghu. Until today, many forums are full of comments that foreign machine vision technology has been ahead of China for ten years. We will not comment on this. We recognize that foreign machine vision started a little early, but we also see that foreign brands have shortcomings such as high prices, insufficient technical support, long stocking cycles, and long product renewal cycles

Dahua shares saw the prospect and complexity of machine vision field, and specially established Huarui technology, a subsidiary of machine vision, which fully reflected its determination and confidence to enter the field of machine vision. Huarui technology is determined to be an excellent machine vision core and also provides a basic core component supplier for the detection of other parameters. Zhangxingming, general manager of Huarui technology, said at the Shanghai Machine Vision Exhibition that due to Dahua's core competitiveness in video technology, algorithm, production, testing, technical support and other aspects of the security industry, based on Huarui technology's focus on a clear positioning of world-class industrial camera products, we are very confident that we can help China's national manufacturing industry become independent towards 2025

zhangxingming, vice president of Dahua Co., Ltd. and general manager of Huarui technology

at the new product launch of Huarui technology, the media asked about the difficulties and bottlenecks encountered by Huarui technology, a machine vision subsidiary of Dahua Co., Ltd. in the establishment of Huarui technology. Mr. zhangxingming said that Dahua Co., Ltd. has accumulated in the field of video surveillance for more than ten years, and machine vision has three years of research and development experience. For the difficulty, complexity and differences with security in the machine vision industry, Huarui technology has full awareness and is well prepared. The market is changing rapidly, technology is changing with each passing day, and the product iteration cycle is constantly shortening. Huarui technology will continue to improve its ability to run fast

win-win cooperation Huarui technology is willing to be the hero behind the scenes

at the new product launch of Huarui technology, Mr. Zhang Xingming shared a case with you. A customer encountered some problems in the use of the equipment. He called the Huarui Technology Center at 3 p.m. that day. After communicating with the customer, the technology center decided to solve the problem on site with the customer. He arrived at the customer at more than 9 p.m. that day and successfully eliminated the fault in the early morning. If it can only provide products with 99.99 points, Huarui technology is willing to compensate for the remaining 0.01 points with 100 points, of which the biggest breakthrough is the service of sharply reducing the cost of graphene raw materials. Due to its confidence in its products, Huarui technology provides a 3-year warranty for all products

at the new product launch, we hear the most words are customers and partners. The concept of putting customer interests first runs through the whole process of R & D, testing, sales and service of Huarui technology. Mr. zhangxingming believes that electrochemical reaction will occur. Machine vision has a complex and huge industrial chain. The positioning of Huarui technology is very clear, which is to do a good job in basic components. At present, the full range of industrial camera products launched by Huarui technology are general-purpose products. Due to the highly dispersed needs of customers in the field of machine vision, Huarui technology hopes to cooperate with integrators and other partners, and Huarui will provide the latest and strongest platform. Partners will expand industrial applications on excellent platforms and jointly do a good job in industrial application promotion.

industry 4.0 is led by users. At present, the industry is still in the stage of automation, Large scale intelligence has not been realized. In the field of machine vision, customers' needs are there, and there are few products to meet their needs. Zhangxingming said: If enterprises find the right position and do their part well, they can promote the benign development of the whole industry

accurate self positioning, making money for customers, protecting customers, and being good at being a hero behind the scenes. These four principles put forward by Huarui technology left a deep impression on the author. This exhibition is the first public appearance of Huarui technology since its establishment. This appearance shows the sincerity and progress of Huarui technology. We also believe that with the strong accumulation of technology, talents and other aspects of the parent company Dahua shares, Huarui technology will ride the wind and waves in the field of machine vision to help China's national manufacturing industry innovate independently and move towards made in China 2025. (original title: Huarui Technology: a fast running hero in the field of machine vision)

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