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H3C helps Anhui rural credit "Qiaojin" achieve sustainable development

the security and reliability of the financial network has always been concerned. Under the situation of intensifying competition in the financial industry, exploring a new mode of financial network security and building a multi-level, all-round and sustainable security protection system have become a compulsory course for the informatization of the financial industry

as a characteristic financial institution in China, the informatization construction requirements of rural credit is also rising in the increasingly complex market environment. Anhui Rural Credit Union Union, in combination with its own current situation, has achieved the overall security protection of the data center, disaster recovery center and comprehensive business by adopting the comprehensive network security integration solution of Hangzhou Huasan Communication Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huasan communication), built an end-to-end deep security protection system, and achieved the rapid, safe and stable development of banking business

data center security was the first to talk about

Anhui Rural Credit Union was founded in December 2004. It is a local financial enterprise with the largest business scale, the largest number of institutions, the widest coverage, and the largest number of service groups in Anhui Province. It should interrupt operations in time and contact technicians, "answered a stall owner. As of November 2014, Anhui rural cooperative financial institutions have 83 legal person banks in the province, 3023 service points in the whole system, a total of 60.5 million individual and corporate customers, and the number of service points and customers ranks first in the banking industry in the province

the growing banking business and customer demand have put forward higher requirements for the information system of Anhui rural credit cooperatives, and maintaining business continuity and security has become the focus of construction. H3C adopts the modular zoning design concept, deploys f5000 high-end firewall in the core business area and management area of Anhui rural credit data center, deploys firewall and IPS security business module on the convergence switch of office business area, operation and maintenance management area and other areas involving terminal access, and deploys firewall security business module on the convergence switch of VPN access area, outreach area, wide area access area and other areas, Meet the needs of access control and security protection among Anhui rural credit cooperatives

in order to better meet business development, improve resource utilization and operation and maintenance management efficiency, Anhui Rural Credit Union, in combination with its own development status, adopts the security virtualization deployment mode when the new management business area of the data center is launched, and realizes firewall virtualization and resource pooling by adopting H3C m9006 multi service security, And the deep security protection of the North-South access traffic of the virtual impact server and the traffic between the new and old management areas

silver system protection does not despise

in the construction of Anhui rural credit security system, the security protection of the silver system is the top priority, and there are often very strict requirements for the processing performance and equipment stability of the deployed security products. The H3C communication security team actively cooperates closely with Anhui rural credit and utilizes the rich experience of the project implementation expert group to deploy security products with load balancing, IPS deep intrusion prevention and firewall inter domain access control for Anhui rural credit, ensuring the smooth launch and stable operation of the security protection system so far

after deploying the security protection products of the silver system, does it mean that you can rest easy? The answer is, of course, No. The security protection of Shanghai Bank is like a long-term offensive and defensive war, and the tactics need to be flexibly adjusted. For the protection of Shanghai Bank, it is more necessary to update the IPS virus library and feature library in time according to the latest security attack events and virus characteristics, so as to protect all kinds of attacks more effectively. In this regard, H3C upgrades its IPS virus library and feature library every month, adjusts its strategy according to the attack details, and provides a monthly security analysis report

the safety of local and municipal outreach should also be prevented

at present, Anhui Rural Credit Union has 83 legal person cooperatives in the whole province, and the comprehensive business of the whole province has 12 municipal convergence points in the whole province, realizing the access of 83 banks in the whole province respectively. The amount of outreach business is huge, so how to safely access becomes a big problem

in order to facilitate the local municipal banks to carry out outreach business, Anhui rural credit has deployed outreach lines and outreach access areas in the banks where 12 municipal convergence points are located and some local municipal banks. At the same time, in order to ensure the access security and data security of outreach units, Anhui rural credit also deployed Huasan communication firewall and IPS equipment at the convergence switch side of the outreach area of the municipal convergence point for in-depth protection, and deployed firewall security service cards at the convergence switch side of the outreach area of the county-level bank, effectively ensuring the security isolation of outreach service access, NAT and application layer security protection

through close cooperation with H3C, Anhui Rural Credit Union has built a flexible and safe data center, realized the modular zoning management of the data center, and virtualized deployment. At the same time, the security of the banking system is guaranteed, and the local and municipal outreach business can be carried out safely, all of which provide security support for the sustainable development of Anhui Rural Credit Union in the future, At the same time, it also provides a clear path for the network protection of other financial institutions

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