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Warburg Pincus helped Kunming Railway Public Security to build a visual command and scheduling system

in recent years, with the increasingly severe form of Anti-terrorism at home and abroad, and the increasing mileage of high-speed rail operations year by year, various emergencies involving the safety of railway transportation and production have increased significantly, and the anti-terrorism safety prevention and emergency handling work in the railway area has become the focus of attention of the social simulation Committee. As an information-based means of dealing with emergencies, the emergency command and dispatching system will directly determine the effectiveness of emergency response work

Kunming railway public security is responsible for maintaining railway public security, cracking down on criminal crimes, protecting the internal safety of the railway and fire supervision and management. Under the new situation and new environment, it puts forward higher requirements for information uploading and issuing between superiors and subordinates, rapid dispatching and command, etc. in order to improve work efficiency, quickly deal with all kinds of sudden safety incidents, and better serve railway passengers, Kunming railway public security cooperates with Warburg Pincus, A set of visual command and dispatching system covering the three-level linkage of bureau, department and institute has been built

the visual dispatching system designed by Warburg Pincus for Kunming Railway zigzag experimental public security relies on the special use of public security. It covers Kunming Railway Public Security Bureau, Kunming Railway Public Security Office and Kaiyuan railway public security office, and extends to the command rooms of two police stations. It realizes the full hd 1080p video command and dispatching application for Kunming Railway Public Security from the command center of the public security bureau to the command centers of two public security offices, and then to the command room of the police station, And realize the up and down transmission of HD dual streams. At the same time, the system can make seamless digital connection with Yunnan Public Security Command and dispatching system, so as to conduct linkage dispatching with Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department and all provincial public security systems when necessary

after the system is deployed, it can realize the functions of multi-party high-definition command and scheduling, emergency handling, daily video business and so on, providing an efficient platform for the operation of railway public security business. At the same time, the system has rich scheduling modes, powerful functions, simple operation and management, and provides strong expansion capabilities

Kunming Railway Public Security visual command and dispatching system has the characteristic functions of electronic whiteboard interactive command and case study and judgment. An interactive platform is built in the two-level command center to realize visual interaction. While transmitting point-to-point, point-to-multipoint two-way HD audio and video signals, the following functions can also be realized:

first, the map displayed on the large screen of the two-level command center can be interactively marked and modified in real time, that is, while the two-level commanders are discussing and studying, the marking and production of the important map can be completed, and the emergency response, situation analysis The determination and intention of commanders at both levels can be fully demonstrated when dispatching troops

second, carry out real-time interactive discussion and modification on the documents displayed on the large screen of the two-level command center, that is, complete the preparation and modification of documents at the same time when the two-level command personnel discuss and study, and avoid the process of uploading, downloading and repeatedly modifying documents when forming emergency documents, situation analysis and other documents, so as to improve efficiency

III. during the project study, the objects, licenses and materials involved in the case can be displayed on the large screen with high-definition images and local high-power magnification through the physical booth, and the HD video conference function is embedded in the system to realize the analysis, research and judgment of the case

IV. the interactive command whiteboard function is realized through the large-scale multi touch screen of more than 55 inches, which can easily realize the enlargement, reduction, replacement and other content control of the large screen display charts and photos with both hands, without the support of background operators, making the interaction more intuitive and convenient

the system adopts independently configurable coding and decoding module technology, which breaks through the traditional limitation of only transmitting 2-channel video or 1-channel video and 1-channel image. It can realize the simultaneous transmission of multi-channel command and scheduling video and multi-channel data on one terminal. According to the actual needs, it can simultaneously transmit the main scheduling picture, venue panorama, PPT, electronic whiteboard and instant message to the remote end, realizing the most abundant command and scheduling mode. In addition, the system has an efficient dual stream scheduling function, and users can easily access laptop signals into the system. During scheduling, in addition to commanding the scheduling image, it can flexibly transmit the required auxiliary audio and video down, so as to transmit all kinds of scheduling resources more efficiently

after the completion of the visual command and dispatching system, it solves the needs of visual command and dispatching of hydraulic cylinders placed horizontally in Kunming Railway Public Security Bureau, Kunming Railway Public Security Office and Kaiyuan railway public security office, from the Public Security Bureau, public security office to the police station, and provides great convenience and real-time for the anti-terrorism, rapid police handling, command and dispatching, information transmission and other work of Kunming railway public security, Ensure the smoothness of the railway artery and the safety of passengers' lives and property

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