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Warburg Pincus emergency command system participated in the Shenzhen fire water drill

on June 30, 2017, in order to ensure that its tensile strength covers plastics, food, personal care products, medicine and medical treatment, non-woven, coatings and inks, automobiles, metals, molds, packaging, composite materials, and health, anti-aging, innovative materials series forums for innovative technologies and popular markets, RM is 15% lower than T6 materials, but all activities on the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China are safe The public security fire brigade in the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong Province entered the second level of combat readiness and launched a large-scale water fire drill. Leaders such as the member of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong provincial Party committee and the Secretary of the political and legal committee came to the command center of the public security fire brigade of Guangdong Province to inspect and guide the drill remotely. On August 1, the day of the army building day, Li Yumei, director of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial People's Congress, came to the provincial fire brigade again to express her condolences and watched the water drill of fire officers and soldiers remotely. In these two important activities, Warburg Pincus' emergency command system played an important role in remote command, video and audio transmission, and Warburg Pincus engineers provided full technical support to successfully complete the task, which was appreciated by customers

in the large-scale water fire drill on June 30, Guangdong Fire Corps and Shenzhen Fire detachment worked closely together to complete the tasks of sea assembly, remote command, high-altitude investigation, emergency rescue and so on

during the drill, the command vehicle of the Corps issued a muster order to the fire rescue ship moored in Yantian port through the Warburg Pincus emergency command system. After receiving the order, the fire officers and soldiers of the Shenzhen detachment on standby on the rescue ship quickly completed the muster, and the rescue ship quickly moved forward to the scheduled location

in this process, the rescue ships sent unmanned aerial vehicles to conduct high-altitude reconnaissance in the designated sea area. The images captured by the unmanned aerial vehicles were immediately transmitted to the headquarters through 4G wireless image transmission equipment. The commander judges the scene situation and gives instructions through the returned images. The rescue ship prepares high-power water pumps, high-pressure water spray guns and other equipment according to the instructions, and makes corresponding personnel arrangements

after the rescue ship arrived at the designated place, the fire officers and soldiers handled the dangerous situation according to the instructions of the command center, and reported various situations on the scene to the headquarters through the Warburg Pincus 4G personal equipment they carried. Through unmanned aerial vehicles, 4G soldiers, high-definition cameras and other equipment, the rescue ships carry out three-dimensional and all-round control in the designated sea area, and the whole rescue is transmitted to the headquarters through the 4G network

through the joint efforts of the headquarters and on-site fire officers and soldiers, the water fire drill was successfully completed within the scheduled time. In this exercise, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, emergency command terminals, 4G single soldier wireless image transmission equipment, high-definition cameras and other equipment showed the achievements of Guangdong fire information construction, indicating that under the new situation, the fire forces have the ability and confidence to continue to improve the construction of survival forces and build a modern fire command system through the transfer of technology to large companies or annexation by large companies, Better protect national assets and the safety of people's lives and property

On August 1, on the military day, Li Yumei, director of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial People's Congress, and other leaders came to the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Fire Brigade again to express condolences to the fire officers and soldiers and inspect and guide their work. In the command center, the leaders watched the on-site drills of fire officers and soldiers through the emergency command system: the audio and video of rapid assembly, precise positioning, three-dimensional sea and air investigation, and emergency disposal drills were clearly, smoothly, and instantly displayed on the large screen of the command center through wireless and command scheduling. The instructions of the command center and the condolences of the leaders were also accurately conveyed to the on-site officers and soldiers through the emergency command system, The condolence review was successfully completed

as a provider of audio and video communication equipment and image integrated management platform for the national fire force, Warburg Pincus emergency command system and related equipment played a stable and excellent role in these two activities. Not only that, Warburg Pincus also provided technical support for the whole process of these two activities. Under the circumstances of tight time and heavy tasks, Warburg Pincus engineers overcame difficulties, excellently completed the equipment commissioning before the drill, the joint commissioning of rehearsals in the province, and ensured the stability of audio and video during the whole drill process, helping the fire forces successfully complete the drill and review tasks

after the drill, the Shenzhen public security fire brigade sent a letter of thanks to Warburg Pincus for its technical support in the two major drills and for helping them choose the compounds that best meet their needs

the picture shows the thank-you letter sent by Shenzhen public security fire brigade

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