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Huanxin won the "2019 most innovative cloud service product award"

recently, the 2019 second Enterprise Cloud Service conference jointly hosted by Shanghai Software Industry Association, China cloud system industry innovation strategy sample, the Alliance (such as polyurethane fiber for textile) and the international cloud security alliance, top exhibition, has successfully concluded. CIOs, information principals and other industry insiders from hundreds of enterprises in finance, education, health care, retail, manufacturing and other fields gathered at the conference to interpret the future development trend, industrial opportunities and customer insights of China's cloud service market. 1. Before the experiment of the experimental machine. Analyze the cases of cutting-edge service technology from an exclusive point of view, starting from the subdivision field, and focus on the whole process! The winners of ecsc2019 smart cloud award, which has attracted much attention from the industry, were also announced at the main forum of the conference. As a leading enterprise level software service provider in China, Huanxin won the 2019 most innovative cloud service product award

As one of the most influential awards in the field of cloud computing, ecsc2019 and ensuring the smallest plastic deformation smart cloud award aims to commend some companies or individuals who have pioneered and innovated in the field of cloud computing and provided advanced and unique products and services to the market, and set a new benchmark for the industry

Huanxin was awarded Gartner cool vendor. Its main product lines include instant messaging capability PAAS platform Huanxin instant messaging cloud, full scene audio and video PAAS platform Huanxin real-time audio and video cloud, all media Intelligent Customer Service SaaS platform Huanxin customer service cloud, and enterprise level artificial intelligence service capability platform Huanxin robot. It is an integrated product technology reserve enterprise service company that covers cloud communication, cloud customer service, and intelligent robot earlier in China

as of 2018, Huanxin instant messaging cloud has served a total of 216907 app customers, with more than 250000 registered developers and 1.6 billion terminals covered by SDK. Typical government and enterprise users include: China Mobile, Guangdong Telecom, Fujian Telecom, Huawei, Changjiang Securities, Bank of Lanzhou, China Life Insurance, Haier, Weichai Power, Sina, Gome, I love my family, Beijing municipal government, Guangdong justice, Debang logistics, Yunman, etc. Huanxin customer service cloud has served a total of 107506 enterprise customers, and now covers many benchmark enterprises in the fields of insurance, securities, banking, e-commerce, education, automobile, logistics, travel and so on. Including CITIC Securities, Pacific Insurance, China Italy life insurance, Ping An technology, Bank of Nanjing, China UnionPay, Guangdong electric, Guangxi Electric, Gome, IKEA, linkhome free guest, New Oriental, Mercedes Benz, Dongfeng Renault, Youxin used car, Shenzhou special car, China express, China Southern Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Beijing bus, etc. Huanxin robot has opened a total of 30000 + robot intelligent services, and has established its advantages in key industries including insurance, securities, banking, education, logistics and so on by serving the high manufacturing cost of Zhongyi life insurance, CITIC Securities, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank, New Oriental but alternative experimental box, and launching corresponding in-depth industry solutions for head customers such as Zhongtong express and IKEA

it is understood that the results of this selection, which are composed of representatives of industry associations, industry alliances, media and consulting institutions, are finally selected by the organizing committee with the concept of impartiality, independence and rigor, through external authoritative data evaluation, expert selection and other links, which fully represents the industry's affirmation and recognition of the award-winning enterprises. The ecsc2019 smart cloud award has been settled. While commending enterprises and individuals, it encourages more enterprise technological innovation, delivers more innovative products and cutting-edge technologies to the industry, and promotes the vigorous development of the industry

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