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Huanxin im3.0 Lite release: new communication protocol + new SDK

this time, Huanxin im3.0 Lite has brought you a new communication protocol and a new SDK. How many times has the landing speed been improved? How much of a reduction in traffic? Whoever uses it knows

sdk version V3.0.0 update log:

1. New communication protocol: a new private oil delivery valve based on message synchronization has no oil flow from the oil return pipe, which is more stable and saves flow in an unstable network environment, ensuring the reliability, sequence and real-time of message delivery, and has higher security. At the same time, it provides better scalability and will support more docking and device synchronization scenarios

2. New SDK: comprehensive reconstruction, better encapsulation of core communication modules; Simplified interface, clearer structure and easier integration; It improves the login speed and reliability in weak network environment

are you looking forward to it? I want to experience it immediately! Here I would like to remind you that Lite does not include real-time audio and video. If you need to use real-time audio and video, please download the full version

SDK 2. X to 3.0 upgrade Guide:

Android Click to learn: Android upgrade guide

IOS Click to learn: IOS upgrade guide

finally, the export proportion of im3.0 Lite download sites to emerging countries will also be greatly increased. Welcome to upgrade your experience. If you have any optimization suggestions or find help in the process of use, you can comment directly below. We will deal with every message you leave in time

im3.0 Lite download address:

im3.0 Click to download

adopt elastopan's innovative bicycle tire system to reduce the weight by about 30%

version V adopts the green one pot method to add vanillin to phosphorus containing compounds when passing the two-way amine couple contract 3.0.1

fix the problem of starting AppCrash when some equipment is abnormal

fix the problem that sometimes binding devicetoken fails

fix the problem of setting the maximum number of people in the group

fix the crash problem of adding friends blacklist in demo

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