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Huapeng Heze company is committed to equipment management and update, and has achieved remarkable results

according to the requirements of Shandong Huapeng headquarters, Huapeng glass (Heze) Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the inspection, maintenance and update management of equipment, so that the production equipment is always in the best state, ensuring the distribution of production schedule, production progress, product quality and operation safety, as shown in Figure 1, and has achieved remarkable results. According to the actual situation of the equipment operation in each workshop, the technical center of Heze company has formulated major and medium-sized maintenance plans for the equipment, carried out regular maintenance on the row and column machines, feeder machines, etc., and set up a team to strictly assess and implement them, so as to standardize and institutionalize the equipment overhaul. At the same time, in order to minimize the production losses caused by equipment shutdown and maintenance, the company made overall arrangements to integrate the two secondary processes of product conversion and small-scale equipment maintenance, so as to effectively shorten the shutdown time and reduce unnecessary losses

at the end of May, Heze company took advantage of the regional power outage to replace the bottle plucking machine of each machine, replacing the original mechanical bottle plucking machine with electronic bottle plucking machine, which further improved the stability of bottle plucking, especially for fine and high bottle types, which can effectively avoid bottle pouring, effectively improve the yield, and bring convenience to the reorganization of row and column machines. Up to now, all production lines of Heze company have installed electronic bottle pulling system

focusing on improving the quality inspection level, Heze company newly purchased a batch of advanced inspection and testing equipment and a relatively accurate conversion relationship instrument for hardness and strength in production. The newly purchased cold and hot end spraying instrument is used to control the hot end spraying of bottle and can products, laying a solid foundation for increasing bottle strength and improving product quality, and meeting the needs of customers at home and abroad. The newly added digital height ruler replaces the old and large error height ruler of rigid foamed plastic products with closed cell structure made by heating and extrusion molding, which can provide more accurate data for product quality inspection and provide a strong support for improving the appearance quality index of products

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