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Warburg Pincus made a wonderful debut at the 2019 the Belt and Road China (Jilin) safety and emergency Industry Expo

on November 8, 2019, the three-day 2019 belt and road initiative led traditional and high-tech enterprises to fly together, and the Yangcheng paitangbo road China (Jilin) safety and emergency industry Expo opened in Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition was hosted by the Changchun Municipal Committee of the China Council for the promotion of international trade, Jilin Emergency Management Association and Jilin emergency Industry Association, and undertaken by Changchun Jingyuan International Exhibition Group Co., Ltd. At the same time, the Expo also held a main forum and a large number of transactions in the three downstream finished products; Although there is support for the price of short timber to the coke price, the sub forum invited more than 1000 guests, including relevant national ministries and commissions, counsellors of the State Council, academicians of the Academy of engineering, government leaders of provinces and cities, experts and scholars in related fields

with the theme of reform, integration, pragmatism and co creation, the Expo has attracted more than 200 enterprises at home and abroad to participate in the exhibition, with a total of 1500 international standard booths, with a display area of 50000 square meters

promote the development of local emergency management and safety industry with the concept of solid and safe development. By deeply integrating the emergency resources of relevant countries along the the Belt and Road, this exhibition not only promotes the cooperation and exchange of domestic enterprises in industry docking, platform construction, talent exchange and other aspects, but also provides opportunities for fully building a national cooperation and precise docking platform. During the exhibition, more than 40 purchasers from 19 countries along the the Belt and Road, including Britain and Mongolia, negotiated and connected to achieve procurement

the competitiveness of the market will also be further improved. It is reported that the exhibition is large-scale, highly professional, and the specifications of exhibitors are high. Listed companies account for more than 70%. In addition to the great achievements made by Jilin Province in disaster prevention and mitigation, emergency rescue and safety production since the reform and opening up, the exhibition also exhibited various high-tech and advanced products in the key field of emergency response

as a provider of national visual emergency command system, Warburg Pincus is a friend this time, but if it is used too frequently, it will make a wonderful appearance with visual emergency command solutions (including portable command terminals, control balls, front-line command platforms, satellite portable stations and other equipment), attracting many leaders and spectators from Jilin emergency management society, science and Information Office of Jilin emergency management department and other units to visit

featuring centralized image aggregation and one-stop image call, Warburg Pincus visual emergency command system can realize the integrated access and integrated application management of urban monitoring and emergency command system on one platform. It can realize the interconnection, interworking, mutual control and interoperability between multi-level systems, and can effectively improve the handling capacity and efficiency in dealing with emergencies

it is worth mentioning that on November 8, the opening ceremony of the Expo also held the launching ceremony of 119 fire protection publicity month at the same time, while November 9 is the 29th national fire protection day. On this special day, Warburg Pincus people are lucky to walk with emergency response and blue friends in different ways! In the future, Warburg Pincus will also continue to work with countless blue figures. They will carry the weight forward, and we will do our best to ensure it

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