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Huasanhang helps Ping'an building 1000 meter pumping test

huasanhang helps Ping'an building 1000 meter pumping test

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1000 meter height? Most people are shocked by this height. Will the concrete pumping height of 1000 meters be tested in Ping An building? Yes, on July 7, with a burst of cheers, glutinous rice ball like concrete flowed out of the metal pipe at the concrete kilometer pumping test site. This scene occurred 555 meters above the Ping'an financial center, the "tallest building in Shenzhen". Others couldn't help exclaiming, "it's successful, it's successful, the utilization and technical points of the relaxation experimental machine have come out." The event attracted many media, including Guangdong TV station, Shenzhen business daily, Shenzhen evening news and other media. Huasanhang has also become the "only pumping expert of high-rise buildings above 500 meters" in the mouth of industry insiders

looking from a distance, Ping'an building is towering into the clouds, and looking closely, it is shocking. Some media friends told us that standing on the top of Shenzhen Ping'an building, you can see the beautiful panorama of Shenzhen. They eagerly sent a circle of friends to let more people share this shock and joy with them

huasanhang assists the 1000 meter pumping test of Ping'an building

it requires rich pumping experience to pump concrete vertically to 1000 meters. For C100 concrete, it is necessary to accurately judge the required pumping pressure to ensure smooth pumping. The concrete needs to undergo 2300 meters of friction loss in the pump pipe. How to ensure the water retention of concrete under the high heat released in the process of intense friction. Facing this world-class problem, Sany Heavy Industry's advanced high-power pumping equipment, Sany towing pump hbt90ch, has an outlet pumping pressure of 48mpa, and specially researches and customizes special ultra-high pressure pipelines according to the characteristics of Ping An project. Combined with Sany's water washing technology, it maximizes the use of concrete in pipelines, reduces concrete waste and pollution to the construction environment, and jointly meets the stringent requirements of kilometer pumping on equipment

huasanxing assisted the 1000 meter pumping test of Ping'an building

the success of concrete kilometer pumping is far from enough with technology alone, and the strength of the team is also essential. During the construction of Ping'an building, a set of expert system owned by huasanhang was highly praised. The system is composed of a number of pumping experts and professional pumping personnel. It includes training lectures, hazard prevention, emergency plans, and equipment maintenance. They always check the driving line of the equipment until the inventory is emptied, so as to ensure that the technical parameters of the equipment are normal

huasanhang helps Ping'an building 1000 meter pumping test

huasanhang helps Ping'an building 1000 meter transfer switch should be turned to the loading gear pumping test

this time Ping'an building pumps C100 concrete to 1000m is completely the most cutting-edge exploration in the construction industry. The success of this kilometer pumping test marks that China has mastered the core technology and key data of casting kilometer high buildings, It also marks that the pumping team of China Sanhang has initially possessed the equipment and technical strength to build 1000 level high-rise buildings, creating more opportunities for China and even the world to build 1000 level high-rise buildings, and it is also the recognition and praise of China Sanhang team

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