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H3C won the "2015 China Internet economy annual brand" golden I award

CTI Forum on January 14 (Li Wenjie): Recently, at the 2015 (third) China Internet economy forum and 2015 golden I award ceremony, Hangzhou H3C Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as H3C) With its comprehensive strength and influence, it stood out among many industry brands and won the 2015 China Internet economy annual brand award

the golden I award is known as the soul of the Internet Economic Forum, representing the future of the new economic industry reborn by networks in all walks of life. It is not only the exploration of the essence of things, but also the best innovation and the spiritual source behind innovation. The organizing committee has a strict selection mechanism for each award, which has become the wind vane of the Internet economic industry every year

in the era of great changes in the Internet, the role of it has changed from a traditional industry auxiliary tool to the core of innovation, which can't drive the insiders to think. The way in which traditional it personalized architecture supports personalized applications is changing. H3C has put forward the vision of a new IT infrastructure leader, using an architecture to support all personalized applications facing users, quickly adapt to business changes, achieve dynamic balance, comply with the needs of industrial interconnection reform, and become an important force to promote China's informatization, Therefore, it has become a popular manufacturer in the selection of the top ten brands of China's Internet economy

yangpeifang, President of the China information economy society, delivered a speech

this time, H3C won the 2015 China Internet economy annual brand award, showing that H3C is in the forefront of its peers in brand influence, popularity, innovation and development. At present, H3C has served more than 70% of the central ministries and commissions, nine national backbones in the twelve gold projects, four major state-owned commercial banks, 400 of the top 500 enterprises, all 211 colleges and universities and 985 colleges and universities, and has served the telecom, mobile, Unicom, radio and television and other operator markets on a large scale. In the global market, the products and services developed and produced by H3C have also spread over nearly 100 countries and regions, and its high-end products have been widely recognized

H3C believes that new IT technologies and products are the internal driving force to promote the reform and development of the industry. In this regard, H3C has always maintained a high investment in R & D and innovation, and has always been committed to using new IT technology to help industry users change. Over the past 12 years, the compound annual growth rate of patent applications of H3C has been 55%, and the compound annual growth rate of patent authorization has reached 68,2%; On average, more than 500 patent applications are submitted every year, and more than two patent applications are generated every working day. At present, the electronic tensile testing machine is widely used. The number of patent applications exceeds 20% of the number of employees, twice the number of R & D employees. For five consecutive years, H3C has entered the top ten list of domestic enterprise invention patent authorization by the State Intellectual Property Office, and has been successfully selected as a national intellectual property advantage enterprise

not forgetting the original intention and creating value for customers is the mission of H3C and the source power of its development. In the future, to supplement the innovation chain, H3C will always focus on the needs of users, continue to innovate, actively shape the brand influence through leading products and solutions, provide the inner diameter of the cylinder of the tensile testing machine, generally adopt H8 or H9 to cooperate with the personalized customized IT experience, expand more it value, and win more user praise

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