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As we all know, the key components in electronic products such as CD deck, V, so this system has high precision CD deck, DVD deck, CDR deck, DVR deck and digital parts, PC related products. In addition to the necessary anti-static, shockproof, shock proof, moisture-proof and other packaging technologies on the packaging, it is also very important to print an upward arrow on the prominent part of the outer box to indicate that the packaging cannot be inverted, but in practice, it is impossible to ensure that the handling operators operate in strict accordance with the 100% specification of the packaging logo

when some packages are transported upside down, of course, the internal parts leave serious hidden dangers, but can each delivery link, incoming material acceptance department and production department judge that the package has been upside down? Obviously, it is impossible to make correct judgments and discoveries

a new anti inversion memory sticker for packaging solves this problem. The anti inversion memory sticker is posted on the side of the outer package of the product. Once the package is inverted, the upward arrow will permanently change color, and even if it is corrected afterwards, the colored arrow cannot be recovered. This technology has been patented to the State Patent Office

the advent of anti inversion memory stickers marks a major breakthrough in the product packaging and transportation industry. It not only restricts and monitors the standardized operation of packaging and transportation personnel, but also gives major tips to the acceptance and use personnel, and eliminates the possibility of hidden dangers caused by non-standard handling into the production line. The passive needle cannot stop at any position well, which also provides strong evidence for the identification of defective products. (contact: Shi Yian, said liuwenhua, chief engineer of Guangdong Geological Experiment and testing center:)

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