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Huanxin has passed the CMMI3 international certification and will focus on key customers in 2018. Recently, through the on-site audit and evaluation of the CMMI authoritative certification team, Huanxin successfully passed the CMMI3 certification. This is another strong proof of Huanxin's technical ability and project management strength, marking that Huanxin has reached the advanced level of the industry in terms of software R & D standardization process, process improvement, project management, etc., has achieved integration with the international mainstream model, and can provide customers with more mature industry solutions and higher quality services

Huanxin has passed CMMI3 certification.

the full name of CMMI is capability maturity model integration, that is, Capability Maturity Model Integration (also known as software capability maturity integration model), which is an assumption of the U.S. Department of defense, In 1994, it was jointly developed and developed by the United States Department of defense, the Software Engineering Institute (seism) under Carnegie Mellon University and the National Defense Industrial Association. They plan to integrate all existing and upcoming capability maturity models, Integrated into a framework, the prerequisite for applying for this certification is that the enterprise has a valid software enterprise certification

its purpose is to help software enterprises manage and improve the software engineering process, enhance the development and improvement ability, so as to develop high-quality software on time and within budget. It is based on the idea that the difficulties in software development can be overcome as long as we focus on continuous efforts to establish an effective infrastructure of software engineering process, and constantly carry out management practice and process improvement. CMMI provides a single integrated framework for improving various processes of an organization. The new integrated model framework eliminates the inconsistency of various models, reduces the duplication between models, increases transparency and understanding, and establishes an automatic and extensible framework. Therefore, the quality and efficiency of the organization can be improved on the whole. The main focus of CMMI is cost-effectiveness, clear focus, process concentration and flexibility

as a leading enterprise software service provider in China, Huanxin has been committed to connecting people and businesses, and changing everyone's life and work with excellent technology. Huanxin was awarded Gartner 2016 cool vendor in 2016. Huanxin's main product lines include the world's largest instant messaging capability, PAAS platform Huanxin instant messaging cloud, all media intelligent customer interaction SaaS platform Huanxin customer interaction cloud, and AI platform Huanxin intelligent customer service robot

Huanxin instant messaging cloud

Huanxin instant messaging cloud is the largest instant messaging cloud in the world. Press the control button to stop the oil pump motor on the as platform. Provide developers with instant messaging capabilities based on mobile Internet, such as single chat, group chat, voice, picture, location, real-time audio, real-time video, etc., so that developers can get rid of the heavy bottom development of mobile IM communication. At present, Huanxin instant messaging cloud has expanded and launched value-added services including live broadcast, social big data, red packets, anti spam, face effects and so on

Huanxin customer interaction cloud

Huanxin customer engagement cloud integrates the world's leading instant messaging cloud, service cloud, intelligent customer service robot and marketing cloud product lines, and provides enterprises with a full process customer interaction solution from customer interaction channels, customer service, and precision marketing through AI and big data empowerment. Help enterprises optimize operations, precision marketing, and improve customer service experience

Huanxin intelligent customer service robot

Huanxin intelligent customer service robot is a leading artificial intelligence enterprise level service capability platform in China. It includes core applications such as single session automatic response, multi session, intelligent ivr/itr, man-machine cooperation, knowledge base self-learning, etc. Based on natural language processing (NLP), knowledge atlas, deep neural networks, machine learning and other leading technologies in the AI field and its own core algorithms, combined with the accumulation of knowledge and data in advantageous industries such as insurance, securities, finance, e-commerce, education, government and enterprises, it provides an intelligent customer service robot solution based on vertical industry customization. It has greatly reduced the workload of manual customer service, increased revenue, reduced costs and increased efficiency for enterprises, and is committed to improving the labor structure and 500 mm deep hole working mode of the entire customer service industry

the head of Huanxin products said that the passing of CMMI3 certification marks that Huanxin has reached the international advanced level in process organization ability, software technology research and development ability, project management ability, scheme delivery ability and so on. At the same time, CMMI certification also helps to further improve the project management ability of Huanxin, help us to achieve standardization in all aspects of the project management process, and thus provide more guarantee and support for customer service

with CMMI3 as a new starting point, Huanxin will continue to optimize and improve its management level, achieve continuous innovation, transformation and upgrading of products, further enhance its market competitiveness, and provide customers with mature industry solutions and excellent services

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