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Although Hardware pendants are all gadgets, it's really necessary to lack them in the day. There are so many pendants in the bathroom that you should pay more attention to shopping

although Hardware pendants are all gadgets, they are really indispensable in life. There are so many pendants in the bathroom that you should pay more attention to shopping. Nowadays, bathroom pendants on the market usually have several primary raw materials such as stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy and copper alloy. The following Xiaobian of Yuwang bathroom will introduce them one by one

copper has been the preferred material for many household products since ancient times because of its rarity, value preservation and outstanding metal processing function. In particular, H59 and H62 environmental friendly copper, due to their excellent adhesion to the electroplated layer, have a very good finish and strong adhesion after electroplating, which can ensure outstanding electroplating results for more than 5 years. Other alloy copper has outstanding metal processing functions, which can be stamped into different commodity shapes according to different molds, and has greater breaking and innovation in the appearance of commodities

copper alloy: copper alloy is the best bathroom pendant material at present, especially environmental friendly copper

installation time: pendants are usually installed after the installation of large commodities. It is necessary to drill holes in the wall with an impact drill. It is necessary to pay attention to this. It is suggested that a professional master should first open the hole of the ceramic tile with a glass drill and then hit the cement with an impact drill, so as to avoid cracking the ceramic tile. If you crack the tiles, it will be very troublesome, and the project is huge

alloy: medium and low grade material

the surface is usually oxidized or brushed, and cannot be electroplated, so you can only buy matte goods. The biggest problem of matte goods is that it is difficult to tidy

the weight of aluminum alloy products is very light, and the bending function is not excellent

stainless steel: it belongs to low-grade goods

stainless steel has good rust prevention function, but because stainless steel is difficult to weld and its metal processing function is also very poor, it can only be processed briefly, and the commodity style is unique and rigid. Zinc alloy: low grade material. Due to the poor metal processing function of zinc alloy, stamping and forming processing can not be carried out, and usually only the shape can be poured. Therefore, the base is usually heavy and the style is old. The surface finish of other poured goods is very poor, so the electroplating function is not good, and the coating measurement is simple and falls off, which belongs to the bathroom pendant goods with low measurement level




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