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The steady improvement of the domestic wall fabric industry has led enterprises to increase the expansion of the market. However, the speed of consumers' understanding of wall fabric can not keep up with the opening speed of wall fabric stores. The immature development of the wall fabric industry has led to the same immature understanding of wall fabric by the market. In the view of enterprises, the wide coverage of wall fabric sales network is the performance of good enterprise development, but in the eyes of dealers, good sales performance is the real good thing, In order to achieve win-win results for enterprises and dealers, we need to get rid of the following investment promotion misunderstandings

the wider the distribution network coverage, the better

the wider the wall cloth sales network is, on the one hand, a good thing, but if it is generalized, it is the enterprise's lack of understanding of sales. If the enterprise does not have the ability to master the overall situation, it is bound to affect the operation of all sales points. In the face of flawed management, can it still stand firm in the face of * * strong competitors

the strength and corresponding management of wall covering enterprises can not control dealers well, so blindly pursuing the coverage of sales network is often a potential threat to enterprises. The management ability of investment promotion enterprises determines the scale of investment promotion network and effective service radius. Wall covering enterprises should bid farewell to their greedy mentality, practice their internal skills, and make breakthroughs in key cities and regions. Otherwise, the investment network will be out of control, customer service will be out of line, and the wall covering enterprises themselves will definitely suffer heavy losses

the stronger the strength and scale of dealers, the better.

enterprise investment promotion is also equivalent to giving itself a capital investment. Therefore, many wall covering enterprises blindly emphasize the size, capital and strength of dealers when choosing dealers. The actual situation is that many powerful dealers may not focus on the wall fabric products of a brand, so that enterprises lose control of their products. Blindly pursuing the strength of dealers will ignore the business philosophy, consciousness and other aspects of dealers. In the process of providing services to wall fabric enterprises, many wall fabric dealers contradict the sales and business philosophy of enterprises. For wall covering enterprises, the size and strength of dealers are basically of little value. On the contrary, choosing dealers with less strength, but with high recognition of the enterprise's business philosophy, the market promotion work is carried out smoothly

the more experienced and qualified dealers are, the better.

we all know that any experience is formed in a specific marketing environment. When the marketing environment changes and dealers cling to their past experience, qualifications and experience are not only of no practical value, but also likely to become a burden. For wall covering enterprises, it is good for dealers to have certain marketing experience, but the most important thing is not to deliberately take marketing experience as a fixed standard. As long as the dealers are willing to accept the training of the enterprise and the marketing concept of the enterprise, the two sides will have the foundation of cooperation

the more profits you make to dealers, the better.

many wall covering enterprises believe that if you don't give dealers some benefits, they won't try their best to promote their products. The more preferential the policy is, the more motivated the dealers will be. Otherwise, dealers are likely to switch to selling * * brand products. This is actually a wrong view. Any wallpaper brand that can operate for a long time needs the support of an interactive and win-win game rule. The formulation of investment promotion rules is very critical. Appropriate rules are good rules. Wall covering enterprises should carefully analyze their own conditions, formulate appropriate rules, and fulfill their commitments, which is also responsible for the dealers and themselves

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