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What is a heavy sliding door

the heavy-duty sliding door is an enhanced version of the general aluminum alloy sliding door. The profiles and accessories used, size, fan, sliding feel, etc. are much more stringent than the general sliding door. The heavy-duty sliding door has superior thermal insulation, heat insulation, energy-saving performance, at the same time, it has the temperament of noble life, high-quality thick texture, humanized opening performance, which makes people bright in the eyes

the heavy sliding door is a fashionable choice for the living room. It is suitable for high-end villas, clubs and other occasions. It gives people a high-end, atmospheric and luxurious vision. It is not only durable, but also anti-theft

meizhixuan heavy sliding door

solid and beautiful

meizhixuan heavy sliding door series, made of high-quality accessories imported from Germany, with humanized operating handle design, convenient and flexible, beautiful and comfortable, solid and durable. The pulley of the heavy sliding door is composed of two sets of parallel pulleys and transmission connecting rods, so the heavy sliding door has a large bearing capacity, slides smoothly, and is safe and stable, which fully conforms to the effect that people want to achieve when using

flexible opening

meizhixuan heavy sliding door adopts the sliding groove design of upper and lower rails, which not only has strong sealing, but also is very reliable in waterproof, sound insulation and safety. It is also very flexible to open, which is very suitable for living rooms, balconies and other occasions. It is said that doors and windows are the facade of a family, and people must have very high requirements for doors and windows. Meizhixuan doors and windows has focused on high-end doors and windows for more than 20 years, providing door and window solutions for thousands of families in China, only to create high-quality home life

environmental protection and green home

meizhixuan heavy sliding door adopts heat insulation bridge breaking aluminum profile and insulating glass, which has the functions of environmental protection and energy saving, sound insulation, noise prevention, dust prevention, waterproof, etc. as a new environmental protection door and window product, at the same time, all materials of heavy sliding door are recyclable materials, which are environmental protection products of green building materials, and the product conforms to the strategy of sustainable development. Creating a green and environmentally friendly home life has always been advocated by the beautiful choice of doors and windows. It is also practical to continuously develop new environmentally friendly doors and windows. Heavy sliding doors also came into being

rich texture design

meizhixuan heavy sliding door series adopts anodizing, powder spraying and fluorocarbon spraying. After surface treatment, it can produce aluminum profiles of different colors, which can meet consumers' different needs for home design, enjoy a better life, and achieve the function of energy conservation and environmental protection

every product, every process and every detail of meizhixuan doors and windows strive for excellence. Excellent product quality, considerate service and humanized intelligent design meet the customization needs of different homes in Chinese families and bring a more quality life experience. Ingenuity and wisdom are only for creating a dream home life





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