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Cheap goods are not good, good goods are not cheap; I believe everyone knows this truth. It's the same with choosing doors and windows. We hope to buy corresponding door and window products at the corresponding price; However, now the competition of aluminum alloy doors and windows is fierce. Many aluminum alloy doors and windows are tampering with quality, reducing costs and obtaining greater profits, resulting in the mismatch between price and value, and the safety of doors and windows can not be guaranteed

first, the competition of doors and windows leads to the mismatch between price and value.

once the vicious competition starts, it is a no return path. Maybe the manufacturers of safe doors and windows will think that consumers will not find out if they cut corners on door and window products. However, the market is fair. Even if consumers cannot find out, door and window products will not lie. The materials that are poor are not as durable as the materials, and they will eventually be found by consumers. Therefore, the hat of cheating consumers, hurting dealers and destroying the whole door and window industry is firmly worn on the head of door and window manufacturers. I didn't make much profit, but I fell into disrepute. I can only describe it in four words, that is, the gains outweigh the losses

second, the honest management of doors and windows to create core values

countless examples have proved to us that in the fierce market competition, the old-fashioned price war can no longer solve the problems of door and window manufacturers. Safety door and window manufacturers should pay attention to brand construction and take the brand route. Safety door and window products are the core content of our marketing, so that consumers can feel the balance in their hearts, and they can feel that they are cheap and even worth more

in a word, if safety door and window manufacturers want to have a foothold in the market, they must consider more from the perspective of consumers, face consumers, start from products, strive to improve services and create a good brand image


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