Moving bookshelves into the living room is a new t

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If there is enough space, in fact, placing a bookshelf next to the wall is also a quite good method. This not only saves the space of the study, but also can give full play to the efficiency of the living room. In addition, a "stylish" bookshelf can also bring unexpected breakthroughs to the boring decoration of the living room, thus becoming the most noticeable focus in the living room

the tree bookshelf composed of squares has no certain shape, but it is absolutely powerful. If such a bookshelf is placed in the living room, it will be eye-catching

the advantage of this bookshelf is to integrate the functions of TV cabinet and locker. The white L-shaped cabinet not only breaks the unified pattern of bookcases, but also has the beauty of TV cabinets and lockers. It is really ingenious

this bookshelf perfectly interprets the essence of Tetris. It can only be described in one sentence: it's really talented





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