The most popular XCMG crane has a big action, whic

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Is XCMG crane moving again? This is the focus of hoisting users.

is XCMG crane making another big move? This is the focus of hoisting users

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in 2018, China's crane industry continued to maintain high popularity, which was also the year with the most industry topics. From XCMG's product price rise against the trend to sticking to the "value marketing" position; From the focus on the world's first intelligent turntable production line in the great power 2 to the Great Hall of the people, XCMG won the China industry award twice. The achievement of various achievements and the continuous rise in the attention of the industry also fully prove that the pace of China's crane industry towards the high end is accelerating

of course, for such analysis, there will be questions from various voices: "China's cranes are still following the imitation route", "there are so many price wars in the domestic crane market, why should we go to the high end?" "The equipment manufacturing industry needs a deep industrial accumulation and R & D and manufacturing foundation. Can the new products frequently introduced to the market to seize the market stand the test?" "When can crane users stop paying for aggressive product design?" However, looking back at the Chinese crane market in 2018, it is not difficult to find that XCMG crane, whose premium level is nearly 15% higher, still accounts for half of the market

from December 2018 to now, in just one month, XCMG has organized and held global supplier strategy seminars, dealer strategy seminars and key customer strategy seminars for many times to seek high-quality development of the whole industry chain

XCMG launched a full range of high-end g-generation crane products to the global market in 2016, and is gradually becoming a market pioneer in this era in the past three years. What is XCMG doing in the past three years

significant means and effects on product quality

for more than 10000 g-generation products put on the market, XCMG continued to comprehensively improve the international influence of China's plastic machinery industry. According to the tracking, through the establishment of a quality research team, the organization of suppliers' target decomposition and control, and the efforts to solve quality problems, the feedback rate of parts decreased by 31% compared with 2017, with remarkable results; Through joint improvement with suppliers, the goal of G1 generation reliability catching up with and surpassing the historical best level of mature products has been achieved; Fully implement the whole machine monitoring, vigorously carry out the confirmation and inspection of parts and components, timely stop using unqualified parts and components, and effectively avoid hidden dangers of product quality

continuously strengthen the test and inspection investment to ensure that the quality indicators can be quantified

sunjianzhong, vice president of XCMG machinery and general manager of hoisting machinery division, has repeatedly stressed that "quality comes from doing". At XCMG, no one can touch and compromise the red line of quality. In recent years, XCMG has maintained a high investment of nearly 5billion yuan in R & D. the greater difference between XCMG and the global industry lies in the investment in testing and detection. XCMG has always been focusing on the engineering test center and measurement center, realizing the quantification and measurement of quality indicators, grasping the user's needs from the R & D end, controlling the product quality from the production end, striving to ensure that problems are found and solved in the production process, and realizing the ultimate pursuit of "qualified procedures and parts". We also held a meeting to study the shortcomings of some computers. It is clear that in the past decade, XCMG's huge investment in engineering tests and inspections has played a decisive role

in 2019, the main engine power should turn. Will XCMG continue to launch new products? This problem was revealed at many customer exchange meetings and BMW meetings in 2018. However, for XCMG, which takes the road of high-end and high-quality development, different from domestic enterprises in the same industry, XCMG still firmly adheres to the concept of "value marketing". The definition of "new product" is no longer limited to the upgrading of a "performance table", but is reflected in the all-round quality upgrading and user value upgrading. All kinds of signs show that XCMG will bring users a pleasant surprise in terms of quality upgrading in 2019

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