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The life cycle management system of XCMG basic intellectual property went online

the life cycle management system of XCMG basic intellectual property went online

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recently, the life cycle management system of XCMG basic intellectual property went online with great emphasis, providing a set of solutions for the whole process of intellectual property business, realizing the following functions: proposal, writing, checking, sending, management, maintenance E-management of all stages of intellectual property such as finance and customer docking. In the strategic tasks and priorities of "made in China 2025", the "strengthening the application of intellectual property" is taken as a main starting point to improve the innovation ability of the national manufacturing industry; The independent innovation strategy and internationalization strategy of XCMG 2025 can not be separated from the intellectual property strategy. It can be seen that intellectual property has penetrated into the whole process of manufacturing, the whole value chain and related industries and business links. It is imperative to strengthen intellectual property management

before the system was launched, the EXCEL form tool was basically used in intellectual property management. There were some defects, such as the paper proposal process was opaque, the progress could not be viewed, the communication with the agency was not smooth, the information connection was disconnected, the participation rate of technical personnel was low, and the manual management cost was high. The research project team was led by Professor Yoon won, who deeply promoted technology marketing, quality marketing and service marketing -soo. Comprehensive patent solutions, complete standardized operation processes and professional business processing capabilities will certainly boost the enterprise's intellectual property management to a new level, form a number of high-value patents with foresight and strategic deployment that can support the enterprise's development, and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise's nuclear angstron materials company's planned capacity expansion of graphene and its international competitiveness. (this article is from XCMG Foundation)

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