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XCMG Chongqing makes a good combination of "stable, accurate, fast, ruthless and good" and "stable, accurate, fast, ruthless and good" China Construction Machinery Information in 2014 is destined to be a year when the signal voltage after uneven amplification can reach 10V. Under the situation that the construction machinery market is surging and the competition in the loader industry is becoming increasingly fierce, XCMG Chongqing assesses the situation, closely follows the guidance of XCMG group, and adapts measures to local conditions, With the combination of "stable, accurate, fast, hard and good", five-wheel drive, further refine the management. Through the implementation of lean production management, further benchmark XCMG shovel transport machinery division in product quality and cost control, so as to lay a solid foundation for the sustainable development of XCMG Chongqing

focus on internal process quality and build a quality control system for all employees

XCMG Chongqing will not relax its focus on quality, and "stability" will take the lead. Refine and decompose the quality indicators, establish the internal quality indicator decomposition of the branch, and set up the process quality indicators to monitor the process quality, detect the abnormality of the process quality, and give early warning in case of deviation; Implement detailed quality salary, link the salary with the quality results of process products, and form a quality control system for the whole process

"Zhun" as the key link, identify the breakthrough point, and continue to carry out cost reduction and efficiency increase.

XCMG Chongqing takes "Zhun" as the key link, identify the breakthrough point for cost reduction and efficiency increase, and promote normal management. Using SAP as a tool, real-time check whether there are new high cost points and low efficiency points in the production process, and correct the deviation in time; Strengthen the planning and process control of cost management, and distribute all the force values of controllable gas spring fatigue testing machine to each cost center through the method of measuring height, so as to mobilize the enthusiasm of all staff in the whole process of cost control

"fast" means to rapidly improve production efficiency and comprehensively implement lean production management mode.

strict batch management, "fast" action formulates "three fixed" standards and comprehensively implements lean production management mode. Strengthen the control of material sequence transfer and handover in all links of the process. Regularly analyze the inventory management, establish the quota adjustment and the principle of steel plate picking and nesting, and strictly manage the stock in and stock out

"ruthless" means to deepen the internal control inspection and increase the company's hope to bring you help. XCMG Chongqing "ruthlessly" pays attention to the internal control inspection. The quality management mainly establishes a mechanism for the process control process and preventive measures of the specimen department. Through the process sorting and its rapid implementation, the rework and repair hours are reduced, the claim receipt rate is improved, and the loss of XCMG Chongqing is reduced; Production management is mainly centered on the SAP system, and processes such as production order management are benchmarked to improve the efficiency of working capital

"good" is the key to strengthen the construction of management team and establish a high skilled talent team

the development of enterprises is inseparable from a "good" talent team. XCMG Chongqing started with training, targeted training, training a number of high-quality management teams loyal to the cause of XCMG; What are the common maintenance methods for hydraulic universal testing machine? We will accelerate the training program for front-line skilled personnel, implement it in accordance with the three-year program for improving the quality of skilled personnel, cultivate a number of production backbones, and make sufficient preparations for the full release of XCMG Chongqing's production capacity

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