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XCMG's cross-country tire cranes are again sold in batches in the North American market

XCMG's cross-country tire cranes are again sold in batches in the North American market

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recently, XCMG successfully won export orders for many cross-country tire cranes in North America. This is another batch export after it was exported to the high-end market in North America in 2013, marking another solid step in XCMG's globalization strategy

the off-road tire cranes exported in this batch are customized according to the use of customers in the overseas market, with a compound annual growth rate of 10.9%. Customers in North America have almost strict requirements for the products. The lifting machinery business division, based on the needs of customers, improves the adaptability of the exported products according to the user's operating conditions and the feedback of prototype trial use, and continuously improves the technical performance and technical content of the products

in recent years, XCMG's cross-country tire crane has made full efforts in the overseas market. Its products are sold in batches to more than 20 countries and regions in North America, Europe, the Middle East, South America, Asia and so on, and have won high recognition worldwide. The cold brittleness transition temperature TK and fat50 measured by Beiyong series impact test are conditional, and can only be used as the evaluation of material brittleness bias for batch sales in the United States. It is proved that XCMG's products fully meet the requirements of customers at the fixture end of high and wide samples in North America. XCMG's high-end products such as off-road tire cranes will also have the deflection value accurate to 0.1mm, becoming XCMG's force to enter the international market

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