The most popular XCMG cqz130d marine crane wins ba

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XCMG cqz130d marine crane obtained batch orders

XCMG cqz130d marine crane obtained batch orders

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recently, the cqz130d marine crane independently developed by XCMG along with the vehicle came off the production line and won 25 purchase orders at one stroke

XCMG cqz130d marine crane won batch orders

cqz130d marine crane's maximum lifting torque reached 132kn m. The maximum working range reaches 8m and the maximum turning torque reaches 3400n m. It is mainly used for fishing hoisting in the fishing industry or lifting goods in engineering ships. It has strong corrosion resistance and high operation reliability. Based on the continuous development of international and domestic marine displacement precision industry, marine cranes have also attracted much attention in relevant fields. The on-board company has timely grasped the market trends, sent technicians to the market and took the initiative to attack. In 2013, the whole Party must comprehensively consider the energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality up to 300million euros, and improve the formulation of technical parameters such as paint, surface treatment and slewing torque of the whole machine, Make positive contributions to the development and expansion of the field of marine cranes

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