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Market news: traditional business is cold, the Internet economy is hot, and SARS has boosted the popularity of the Internet

(this newspaper Zhaoyongping) SARS has changed people's consumption habits and cultivated new consumption hotspots. The traditional business is cold, and the network economy is hot. It is understood that during the "May Day" golden week, the passenger flow of Wangfujing Commercial Street in Beijing decreased by more than 70% on average, and the sales of shopping malls decreased by 93.84% year-on-year. In sharp contrast, the major stations are very popular, with a surge in online trading

network survival breeds business opportunities

during the SARS period, network played a commendable role, and its information dissemination function was played incisively and vividly. Sina's chat rooms, BBS and games were also popular during this period. During the May Day holiday, the number of people communicating in Sina chat room every day reached 45000, setting a record of 54000 people at the same time. Since March, Sina's subscribers have increased by 25%, the registered users and daily sending volume of SMS have increased by more than 30%, and the number of game users has also increased by about 30%

similarly, Sohu's financial report for the first quarter of 2003 also showed that revenue in the first quarter increased 218% year-on-year to $14.4 million; In terms of advertising, the revenue reached US $4.5 million, a year-on-year increase of 78%. Consumer businesses such as mobile value-added services, short message services and e-commerce account for 69% of the total revenue, and more than 2/3 of the charged information revenue comes from the monthly customized services of, community, e-mail and alumni

Zhang Xiangning, chairman of China Wan, said that obtaining information through Internet, mutual communication and communication, relying on e-commerce for trading, and obtaining entertainment and leisure through Internet games have become a more important part of the work and life of more and more urban citizens. Network survival breeds business opportunities

shopping on the Internet highlights its advantages

"I've never bought anything on the Internet before, and I accidentally found this way is good, which saves money and effort." Miss Cheng, who works in a public relations company of international trade, told me so. In extraordinary times, online shopping highlights its advantages. More and more people choose to shop on it, and the trading volume on it surges. In the "popular search" on Yahoo China's homepage, "novel" first appeared in the third place. The sales of Bertelsmann, Zhuoyue and Dangdang, which can be divided into carbon fiber reinforced composites (CFRP) and carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites (CFRTP), are rising every day, giving shopping malls an opportunity

Mr. Qiao of excellence marketing department told that at ordinary times, the monthly sales of books of excellence is about 10million yuan, while from April 29 to May 14, the sales of excellence has exceeded 15million yuan

it is understood that in April, Dangdang's traffic surged by 20% compared with March, and its sales also increased by 30% year-on-year. Yao Xin, marketing director of Dangdang, said that the increase in sales was largely due to SARS. In order to go out less, many people prefer shopping on the Internet. The growth rate of books and audio-visual products such as "recipes" and "comedies" is the fastest in recent years

you can also see that the sales of masks and drugs are prominently placed on eBay. Tang Lei, a spokesman for eBay, said that the demand for health products that enhance immunity and resistance, "84" disinfectant, masks, etc. has increased significantly. Now the types of products of masks every day have increased from 15 to 100, and their wear products have been taken away by lubricants. The average daily trading volume of the station is 1.7 million yuan, nearly 10 times higher than before

e-commerce ushers in opportunities

just when a considerable number of business operators are helpless in the face of the dilemma of no orders, some sharp eyed business owners have long focused on e-commerce: "during SARS, we rely on our networks to do business!" After the outbreak of SARS, "Hangzhou grain" orders soared. Daitianrong, the company's boss, said that since April 21, the company's demand has risen sharply, with a 10 day turnover of more than 500000 yuan, more than three times the usual, and the distribution team is simply too busy

in the case of many favorable flows of business personnel, driven by obstacles, e-commerce, an important channel of trade operation, has become a new favorite of trade in the SARS period. It is understood that the import and export of Ningbo Haitian International Trade Co., Ltd. reached 200 million US dollars last year, but since April, almost no foreign businessmen have come to the company to do business. In order to make up for the losses, the company, on the one hand, adopts the strategy of going out to promote, on the other hand, carries out market promotion through stations, introduces its products to overseas buyers, and uses the market diversification generated by these two channels to make up for the losses of overseas customers who cannot come to China. At present, the company has successfully conducted a number of international trade through Alibaba

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