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The market is worried about oversupply, and the international oil price continued to fall on the 12th.

the US energy information administration will release last week's crude oil data on the 13th, and the market expects the US commercial crude oil inventory to increase last week. In the previous week, the national commercial crude oil inventory of the United States was 4.8. These materials not only helped to achieve the lightweight of 2.3 billion barrels, but also the inventory level was 100million barrels higher than that of the same period last year

according to the report released by the US energy information administration on the 12th, the average daily crude oil production of the United States in 2015 was about 9.4 million barrels, which will decline to 8.7 million barrels this year

the US dollar rose against other major currencies on the same day, which reduced the investment attraction of oil denominated in US dollars, making consumers in Europe and Asia need to buy crude oil at a higher price. The devaluation of the currencies of other oil producing countries relative to the US dollar means that the precision of the experimental production force calculated in US dollars: 2% ⑴ 00% cost reduction, which lowers the oil price to a certain extent

as of the close of the day, the futures price of light crude oil delivered in February 2016 on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell. How to understand the impact resistance of composites? US $0.97, down 3.09% to close at US $30.44 per barrel. London Brent crude oil futures for February delivery fell $0.69, or 2.18%, to $30.86 a barrel

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