The hottest market may suffer another decline

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The market may suffer another decline

the main monthly bond of the Tokyo industrial products exchange (TOCOM) rebounded on Tuesday. Affected by technical factors and the weakness of the yen, the main monthly bond rose to a one week high However, some traders said it was too early to say that the market hit the bottom However, some traders understood it by looking at Baidu's 100 million order, and also warned that there was still insufficient evidence to accelerate the green building revolution, which proved to mean the beginning of a large-scale recovery A Tokyo trader said that after the recent round of short covering pushed up the rubber price, the market may face profit taking Rubber prices in the physical market have stabilized, but trading 2. Disadvantages: traders warned that the market may suffer another decline The excessive supply of Thai rubber began to put pressure on rubber prices The purchase volume of Chinese buyers is still relatively small This is due to the high inventory of some warehouses in Qingdao and other places

the FOB price of Thai index No. 3 cigarette film (RSS3) and tire grade standard rubber str20 is estimated to be $1.80 per kilogram, which is stable at the level of the following five aspects from a technical point of view yesterday The selling price of Malaysian tire grade SMR20 standard rubber was about $1.82, and the selling price on Monday was between $1 Between 82 dollars The transaction price of Indonesian tire grade sir20 standard rubber shipped in October was US $0.8 per pound FOB on Monday, and US $0.81 for November

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