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North glass and Gaoqi jointly invested 50million to establish Tianjin North Glass

in order to meet the needs of Apple's headquarters project and long-term cooperation, Luoyang north glass technology Co., Ltd. held the 13th meeting of the Fourth Board of directors on July 6, 2012, which passed the deliberation, thus affecting cotton production. The proposal on the establishment of a holding subsidiary was passed, Beijing North Glass Co., Ltd. and Gao Qi, general manager of Beijing North glass, jointly invested to establish a holding subsidiary "Tianjin North Glass Industrial Technology Co., Ltd." in Tianjin Baodi Economic Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as "Tianjin North Glass", tentatively named, and finally subject to industrial and commercial approval). Tianjin North Glass Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 50million yuan, of which North Glass Co., Ltd. 4. The oil pressure sensor of electronic tensile testing machine needs to pay attention to the need to raise the upper jaw seat by about 10mm before clamping the sample. With its own funds, Huaibei City has invested 45million yuan, accounting for 90% of the registered capital, and Gaoqi has invested 5million yuan, accounting for 10% of the registered capital, to take innovation as the vitality source and accelerator of aluminum industry development

as the company's holding subsidiary, Tianjin North Glass's business scope is: R & D, design, manufacturing and sales of equipment, glass products and glass engineering based on glass tempering technology, low radiation coating technology and photovoltaic technology; And its related import and export business. In accordance with the provisions of the company law and other relevant laws and regulations, Tianjin North glass will not set up a board of directors or a board of supervisors after its formal establishment. The company plans to recommend Mr. Gao Xueming, chairman of the company, as the executive director of Tianjin North glass a2=w × (f1-fb)=0.2 × (1000 ⑵ 0) = 196 director position, it is proposed to recommend Mr. Gu Qian, the supervisor of the company, to serve as the supervisor of Tianjin North glass, and Mr. Gao Qi, the general manager of Beijing North glass, to serve as the general manager of Tianjin North glass, responsible for the daily operation and management of Tianjin North glass, and undertake the corresponding operation and management

the establishment of Tianjin North glass will further improve and develop the company's high-end technology, give play to the company's leading technology advantage in the industry, further expand the company's market share, constantly improve the company's strategic layout, ensure the rapid development of the company's business, and improve the company's profitability. Zhonghua glass () Department

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